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SOOO STOKED, I just got a Bike Courier Position!!

I thought I'd posted a forum topic in regards to tips from avid courier's, but it seems I have not. Anyhoo I looked up some tips on "bing" (which I keep calling Google) & found a few good idea's too. Thought I'd change it into a blog, must not have saved it, I was flying out the door!


I am SUPER DUPER STOKED! I think this job is going to be a heck of a lot of fun! 


I was trying to brainstorm idea's for a map, even though it's only 2 area's for this delivery, but until I get completely comfortable which I believe will be less than 2 weeks. Is to expand the area on google maps, & Print it, Laminate that, & tape to my handle bars. Good Idea? Yea? YES! & that also a Topograhpy map might be helpful, but I believe there is only one major hill depending on what side I come at it.


SUPER STOKED SUPER STOKED!!!! I said that already? I Know! WEEEEEEEE!!!


What I would like to know if anyone reads this: once I saw this guy fly out of Coop, press something on his bike, saddle, & off he went, whilst I was still standing there fumbling away with my U-Lock in the dead of Winter. 


As for other tips, I am not sure I will be reporting to anyone, or if it will become so busy that I will have to set up quick routes, but of course the map in my head should keep me on time. 

My Cell Phone is something I NEVER hear & it doesn't have vibrate. It's cheap, I had to replace it since losing my other really good cell en route this past June. What do you guys use?? An Ear piece?


Also the bike I will be using is not my own, & has a "belt" instead of a chain & one shifter. (proper terminology unknown) I'm going to go to MEC & get the jacket reflector (that you wear over top) & get some more lights for myself (which I SHOULD have anyways)


Any other idea's or experiences you might think come in handy, please do share!