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Volunteers Needed to Draft Winter Cycling Webpages

Last year, we updated the website with editorial content about cycling in Calgary: Tips, links, safety and legal information, a list of frequently asked questions, etc. What we don't yet have -- but definitely should have -- is a page or set of pages on cycling through Calgary's winter.  What equipment do you need?  How should you ride?  Where should you ride?  Which roads and paths are cleared of snow?  What's "brownsnow" and how does it feel?  Etc.  There are a number of threads on the forums, especially the winter commuting forum with member opinions, and there are list of tips others have compiled.

We need a volunteer or volunteers to draft a set of pages on winter cycling.  You don't need experience cycling in winter, in fact, it may be better if you're just starting -- collect all the research you're doing and turn it into a nice and readable introduction, with perhaps a few additional pages with more in-depth coverage of specific issues.  Email [email protected] if you want to take this on.