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Call for Volunteers: Ward Representatives

UPDATE: We're still looking for ward reps in wards 2-5, 10, 12 and 13.

We're looking for volunteers to serve as Ward Representatives. As ward rep, you'd be the liaison between Bike Calgary and your ward.  You'd alert the Bike Calgary Board of Directors to cycling-related issues in your ward, and work with the Board and your alderman to resolve them.  Perhaps you could even contact the community associations in your ward, help organize local bike events, and generally be the go-to person for cycling in your part of town.  In all of this, you'd of course be supported by the Board of Directors and our Task Forces, and if the need arises we'll get a team together to work with you.  But in the first instance and in the short term, really we just would like to have a set of eyes and ears in every ward.

If you're interested, please email [email protected] (with the number of your ward) or just comment below.


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Assistant to Ward Reps?

Even though I am born & raised in Calgary & having moved around quite a bit, I feel this task would be too much for me, but what about if I were to assist someone within my ward? What would those tasks call for? If that position were ever open?


Just placing it out there.



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Definitely a possibility. We

Definitely a possibility. We have takers so far for Wards 1, 6, 8, 9, and 10.  I imagine having a backup/support person at least for the inner wards wouldn't be a bad idea.

We haven't fully worked out this idea yet.  In the first instance it would just be nice to have a good relationship with each Alderman and someone to talk to if an issue in a particular area comes up. Aldermen are more likely to talk to their own constitutents, and Calgary is a big place.

Eventually -- and of course you're not committing yourself to this if you step forward now -- the ward reps could run local events, attend Community Association meetings in their ward when bike things come up, give presentations, etc.  When this time comes, we'll definitely want not just a single person doing that.

In other words: if you want to be assistant to the ward rep, by all means, email [email protected] as well!

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ward reps

I promise to do this one of these years, just not this year as I'm already overloaded with commitments.  Someone should really put a bug in Nenshi's ear about the state of bikeways and pathways in Ward 3.  There is a serious derth of connected bikeways through that part of the city.  Aboslutley no east west routes, and just disconnected pieces halfhazardly scattered around the rest of the district.