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CAN-BIKE Kids Festival: Call for Volunteers

The Kids' CAN-BIKE Festival is a playground-based event that introduces children to key bike handling skills they will need to ride safely on the road. The Festival is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 13. It is the first step in the Canadian Cycling Association's CAN-BIKE Program.

I plan to run a Kids CAN-BIKE Festival on June 24 [edited], in Calgary. There will be 3 or 4 sessions, depending on number of volunteers and amount of interest (registrations). Sessions are 90 minutes long with a half-hour break between sessions (first session is at 9:30am). 

For each session, I need:

  • 4-6 Trained Kids CAN-BIKE Instructors (will be paid if work the whole day)  [Certified Instructors or have already or willing to take CAN-BIKE 2 course]
  • 4-10 Volunteer Teaching Assistants (no Certification required but CAN-BIKE 2 course strongly recommended)
  • 1-2 Registration Co-ordinators
  • 1-3 Registration Assistants
  • 1 Information Table Volunteer
  • 1 Bike Mechanic
  • 1 Bike Helmet Loan Pool/ Salesperson
  • 1 Site Supervisor
  • 1 Designated First Aid Volunteer (must have current First Aid Certification)
  • 4 Food Volunteers
  • 2-3 Greeters/ Crowd Management

Some of these positions can overlap.
For detailed position descriptions, please contact me.

I also need at least one person willing to help me set this up. I need to find a suitable location, arrange for supplies, advertise/promote the event, etc. Anyone with contacts within the Calgary Police Service or Calgary Fire Department, I need to talk to you!

If you can help, or know someone who would be interested in helping, please contact me at info at




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Where wuld one get CAN-BIKE 2

Where would one get CAN-BIKE 2 training (esp. between now and then)?  How many instructors are there?

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C-B 2

There are only 3 certified Instructors, that I know of, in Calgary (I am one of them). I haven't confirmed whether the others will participate yet.
You can take the full CAN-BIKE 2 course through Bow Valley College at the end of April (or mid-June). More information and to register see

Good questions, keep 'em coming!


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I can help

I am interested to help Melissa. I am not Can-Bike 2 qualified, but I am enrolled in Don's course at BVC in April.

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Awesome Darren!

I am assisting with that course so I will see you there but in the meantime, please email me at info at and we will chat about what you want to do.

If you, or anyone else, has emailed me already, it might have gone to my spam box. :( I'm sorry! I am trying to go through all the junk but some might have been missed. Please resend!


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Date change

Just wanted to correct my original post: I have finalized the date and chosen a location.

We are a go for Sunday June 24, at Absolute Baseball Academy. I am still in need of volunteers: pretty much everything listed above! You don't have to commit to the full day, it's broken up into 4 sessions. Prefer mornings? Great! Don't function till afternoon? Great! Please contact me if you want more information!

Edited to add: Water and juice will be available for all volunteers (any time commitment) and lunch will be provided for full-day volunteers.

There is still time (and space) to register for next week's CAN-BIKE 2 course at BVC.