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WANTED 53cm vintage road bike

Hey Friends

I am trying to find an older road racing bike from the mid-80's or earlier so I can take part in a vintage race in Italy this fall.

I am hoping to find an older steel roadbike that is in great shape. 

Anyone have a bike they aren't using anymore?



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I have a really ugly Paragon (hand made in T.O.) frame that was built in 1985ish, the top tube is 52.5 cm. Unfortunately it has a damaged top tube - somebody squished it in a low end car rack years ago. It's a lugged frame with Columbus tubes, the BB is 70mm Italian thread. I have a Campy BB and a Shimano 6500 Octalink BB for it.

I've had it set up as a single speed for about 10 years, but rarely use it. I'm willing to sell it as a frame and fork (they match!). Is that what you had in mind?



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Frame is easy

The frame is easy to get you need non clipless pedals, down tube shifters and non aero brake levers. I have some Campy stuff you can borrow to make the bike 'legal'.


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Still looking

Have you found one yet?  What is the name of this here race you're riding in? Sounds like it would be a blast.


I might have something a little larger, I'll check and let you know.



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58cm Biacnhi Premio?