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Provincial Election Thread - Who should cyclists vote for?

By now many of you will know that a provincial election is expected to be called today.  With cycling numbers growing faster than bicycle infrastructure improvements, it got me thinking, which parties and candidates are the best ones to vote for?

Some of the cycling issues that span the province -

- more education of new drivers to the rights and responsibility of bicycles on the roadways

- more enforcement of bad drivers and bad cyclists

- coordination of bicycle advocacy efforts province wide

- funding of bicycle connectivity between the big cities and their satellite towns/villages

- creation of a "green route" of off street pathways across the province (similar to Quebec's Route Verte. Ontario is considering it too)

- many more I am sure, what did I miss?

OpenFile Calgary has created a map of the Calgary ridings with links to the candidates web/FB/Twitter...

...and I published a blog post a few weeks back about this...

I am planning on asking the candidates in my riding (as well as BikeBike's riding) where they stand on a few key cycling issues.  If we all did the same we could start to get the conversation going amongst the candidates and parties.

What do you think?



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Calgary Currie, Elbow, Bow and West

Great idea!

I asked those questions along with their general thoughts on alternative modes of transportation such as biking to all of the provincial representatives that cover Ward 6 (as I am the Ward 6 rep) that includes Calgary Currie, Elbow (Allison Redford's riding), Bow and West. I will make sure to let everyone know their response and have let them know that I plan to share their opinions with interested parties.

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Great idea! Let's open a file

Let's gather more ideas on this thread in terms of questions to ask the candidates. Once we have a bunch of them, someone can create a file on OpenFile and hopefully they will assign a journalist to report on it.

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And Strength in Numbers

It also doesn't hurt to contact the candidates in your riding even if somebody else already has because the more questions, even if some are the same, the better because that is how they understand that it is important issue to more than just a couple people in their riding.

We only have a month, and to get a dialogue going I think it is best to start early so there can be follow up questions rather than later, when I am sure that the momentum will pick up and the responses will likly be slower.

Of course, these are just my opinions though.

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Who will your MLA represent?

The WRaPper candidate(David YAGER) in my writing wrote a column in Oilweek recently



Stumping for Change – Oilweek Magazine
March 24th, 2012

(This article originally appeared in – March 2012)

Depending upon the timing of the Alberta election and the decision of the voters of Calgary-Hawkwood, I may soon be a Wildrose MLA and vacating this space. I’ve written this column for nearly 10 years. It’s been a privilege and an outlet for a 33-year passion—analyzing and commenting on our industry and the politics that affect it.

If I continue, it will be because electors chose a Calgary civic employee over me. I’m sure my opponent is a fine human being with noble intentions. But I’m running for office because there are too few businesspeople and even fewer from our industry in the legislature. Alberta doesn’t need municipal bureaucrats advising provincial bureaucrats how to spend our money.

I question my decision frequently. But being second-­ generation oilfield service, I’m tired of being roadkill when politicians come up with another bright idea for our future. In 1980, it was the National Energy Program. In 2007, it was the New Royalty Framework (NRF). Now, it’s a “Canadian Energy Strategy,” whatever that is. Politicians who don’t understand our industry and have never worked in it determine our fate. The target is usually producer profits. The collateral damage is always drilling and service.

Enough. I want to be a policy maker, not a policy taker. Somebody who understands our industry must go into government. Somebody who can add and subtract, run a business and has always met payroll—even in tough times. Get to Edmonton to look under the hood to see what makes government run."


Makes me think he is stumping for industry donations and will ingnore the little guy. 

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I know

I must now vote strategically ... it looks like a WRA victory is going to happen... IMO this is not good for cycling as its viewed as a lefty activity.  True or not thats the perception... I want to see the power limited ... ie minority gvernment.

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I actually had to post that tweet on my facebook so freinds in other provinces know what we are dealing with in Alberta. Can somebody please tell me what the vetting process was for the WR Candidates was? 

Strategic voting seems to be the game now. 


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Lost my vote with a single tweet

I'm in that riding, and that tweet solidifies my impression that the wr party is representing the suburban 'family values' types that ease their fat arses into the pew every sunday.  I share a lot of the business concerns Mr. Yager does, apparently our politics diverge.

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Still tryin' to get over provincial Albertan politics

I've been more interested what candidates have been saying about other issues outside of cycling.  Provincial politics seems unhealthy in terms of predominant choices.  Afer living in Ontario, then B.C.....