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Bike to Work Day Coming Up, Volunteers Needed

Bike to Work Day Calgary will be held again this year on Friday, May 4. As in past years, the organizers at Balbi & Co and volunteers will be supporting and encouraging cyclists throughout their morning commute at seven Energy Pit Stop locations.  The morning will wrap up with a free breakfast at Eau Claire, complete with very festive entertainment! So mark your calendars and plan for a little extra time or a detour on your May 4 ride to work.

More importantly, however: As every year Bike to Work Day needs volunteers to staff the the Energy Pit Stops and to help with setting up and running the breakfast at Eau Claire, between about 6 and 10 am.  Please sign up now via email to [email protected]. If you have any suggestions for making this year’s Bike to Work Day an even bigger success, please feel free to pass them along.

You can follow Bike to Work Day announcements on the web at, on Twitter @Bike2WorkDayYYC, or on Facebook. Please spread the word!


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I signed up

I've volunteered for this event for the last couple of years and always have fun!  It's great to talk to fellow commuters.

My sosns also help out once in a while as well.

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Why that day?

I would, again, suggest that this event be considered for the 2nd Friday during the month - the reason being is that there are a large number of downtown companies (oil & gas oriented primarily) that have the first Friday off of each month... Just sayin' that the number of cyclists supporting this initiative will be demonstrateably reduced on that day.

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Move it to a Thursday

I work for one of those O&G companies. That said if it looks like a nice morning I might ride in just to be counted and then ride home.

A Thursday event would get better numbers in the long run.

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Last year

Last year we set up a group ride that centered around surprising one of our bosses with a pancake breakfast for him and such. It was a big hit and we had an awesome turnout. I just sent out the email once more and already the "I'm in" emails are being sent back to me. Looks like we might have another great ride this year. Btw... that boss from last year? He embraced bike commuting, bought my winter commuter from me and has ridden more days this year than I have and has lost over 50lbs!! A great story.

Looking fwd to hearing if any of you had similar fortune with co-workers this year. :)

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Awesome story!

You should send that one in to Tom Babin at the Herald for when they do their coverage of B2WD.  If your boss is there again this year, I bet he would be great to interview.

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That sounds like a great human interest piece. Great for the TV too.

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Great story

I previously posted Bike to Work day info in my office.  The response: coworkers laughing about bringing their "bikes to work" in their trucks...

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Musta' been Flyin'

So, I read the article & did the math.  Since that is on my daily commute, I figured that they did about 7km in 16 minutes, or averaged just under 30 km/hr.


Way to go guys! 

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Lucky Cops weren't out

Hmmm, that is well above the 20km posted speed limit, haha! Funny too because they started the ride on the pedestrian (walking) only path at Edworthy...clearly Ken has a bit of a rebelious streak!

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Weekly Publication

I send out a weekly publication in our office (every Friday) and have advertised this event starting last Friday already. Hopefully will get a few more ppl inspired to ride. I counted bikes in the lock up this morning and there were between 40 - 45 bikes at 8:00 a.m. Probably most I've seen in there.

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Ride and a breakfast booked

Well... we here at our work now have the ride booked and a breakfast set up.

Anybody have things like this set up at their works to promote the lifestyle?

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MRU's Bike to Campus Day - May 10

If your commute passes (or ends at) MRU, we're hosting a Bike to Campus Day on Thursday May 10, 7:30-10:30 a.m.  There will be Arrival Zones set up inside West Gate and East Gate, so drop by for some refreshments and bike goodies!  This event is held in the spirit of Bike to Work Day, but lets cyclists who don't travel near the downtown core celebrate too!

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colour me Happy!

I just sent this message to the building managers regarding our bike parking space:


"Good afternoon Beth & Chris


I am an employee of Burnet Duckworth and Palmer and also a regular bike commuter. I am actively promoting the annual Bike to Work Day this coming Friday among my fellow employee. One question that comes back to me is where do we park. I of course have secure parking in the underground space. I know there is regular bike parking at ground level but having had bikes stolen from those types of locations I understand that some people may be reluctant to use them.

My hope is that you would be agreeable to help support and promote this annual day of bike commuting by offering a one day pass for free parking for cyclists. Do you think that is something you can consider?


Thank you for your attention to this request



Julie Gregg"


this is the reply:

"Hi Julie,


Thanks for your email. It is a great event and certainly worthy of promotion.


To that end, our team is working on a producing an announcement package that will speak to the event with the greater tenant population. In it, we expect to refer to the available exterior bike parking and the convenient 4th floor fitness centre shower, locker and change room facilities that are accessible to all (assuming Fitness Waiver has been executed and returned in advance).


We also expect to use the day to remind bikers of the availability of EAP’s reasonably priced and convenient for –fee secure bike cage amenity. Your idea of a one day pass to experience this amenity is an excellent one,  but due to timing and logistics (users must have bike cage and shower access added to existing ID card access permissions) we feel it will be too cumbersome to attempt to offer smoothly this week.


We would certainly consider offering a similar “test-drive” of the bike cage etc. in the near future, as a means to support healthy and green commuter options.


Thanks again for your feedback!




Added to this from our office manager:

"Good Afternoon All,


I would ask that for this day only, security presence at the exterior bike parking be increased.  The last thing we need is to encourage cycling on one hand only to have someone's bike stolen on the other.