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How was your ride this weekend? April 21, 22

I'm pretty sure it was a requirement to spend some time on the bike this weekend.  Tell us about it!


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No Ride This Weekend

Fixed my Ride this weekend - new chain & cassette, which mweant a nice cleaning job as well.  Ready for tomorrow, Let's Go!



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Weekend Rides

Saturay rode from Brentwood to Fish Creek via 37st and back up the Bow on the pathway system. Just a great 75 km city ride with loads of people out enjoying the day. Sunday rode the inner roads in Bearspaw communities from home, it made a nice 65 km ride. Lots of people out riding and running this weekend, great to see!

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Got up to Nose Hill this weekend.  It is pretty much in perfect condition right now aside from some mud on the northern ravine, i.e. up from the pond on the north-northeast side (though that may be dry now too).  It's a nice change from the last few years where it seemed to be snowy well into the spring and then very wet.


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Nice Nose

I'll second those comments.  Nosehill is in pretty mint shape right now (excepting well covered and some north areas).  The perimeter trail was, as always, a nice early-season treat early Saturday morning.  I was quite surprised at the very large number of other users up there obviously out enjoying the sunshine.  Of course lots of dogs.  In general if I see either a hiker or a someone with a dog I elect to take the next turnoff in order to minimize conflicts - it's a great way to explore the hill because it becomes somewhat random. 

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Sunday buuuurn

Got my first 100km road ride of the year yesterday... managed to push that dang wind for my full loop.  Sigh...  not much tailwind action unfortunately so it was a longer-than-expected early season ride pushing 3.5hrs.  This time I was a little smarter and actually put sunscreen on my face/neck... but forgot from the knees down and oouch this sunburn hurts!! 

Saw a huge number of other roadies out on everything from Canadian-Tire specials to $10k++ full bling rigs.  Surprisingly the shoulders are fairly clear this year on Hwy 22, 8, Springbank, Airport Road, 1A, Retreat Road, GlenEagles, Big Hill Springs, etc...

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Airport Road

I had a nice road ride on Saturday too, with perfect temps.  The shoulders are fairly clear, but the state of airport road is horrible with major potholes covering entire lanes.  I guess they haven't been enforcing the load restrictions out in Springbank.

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Great weekend

Had a great weekend training for the RTCC. 50 km on Hwy 1 from Strathmore to the Langdon overpass and back on Saturday, and 55km HEading South from Strathmore to 22x, along 22x for awhile, then turned around and headed back. 105km weekend to finish off a 200km week. Not too shabby for this noob. Cool

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Weekend riding

We had some great riding out to the Cinnamon Spoon on Saturday,must have been 100 other cyclists on that stretch of road.  


Sunday we headed south to the "road to nepal" and then returned on 274th Ave and the Palm Hill Springs?  road.  I love that ride down south and the hills really starts to get your cardio in shape. 


I got a burn on my arms and legs Sunday too.  That was rediculously nice weather.  

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Long (Sub) Urban Ride

On Saturday I made the 60km return trip from Glenbrook to Falconridge. First time riding up in the NE and was impressed with the pathways through Martindale. I was surprised at how easy it was to travel from the downtown area to the NE, but you definatly must feel comfortable riding in traffic along 'bike routes' that don't necessarily have bike infrastructure (bike lanes). On my ride home I rode across the Peace Bridge and it was packed! So much for the argument that it will never be used! The other nearby bridges are never that busy!

Then Sunday was so nice and Earth Day so I made my city loop ride along both the Bow River and Elbow River pathway systems. I ended up being stuck in the middle of a marathon from Edworthy to Eau Claire in the morning and later on behind a whole lotta people walking, running, standing around on the pathways....very busy indeed! It is amazing how few people pay attention to what is going on around them. As much as I warn them that I am 'on your left' I would often get no response and they just continue to take up both 'lanes' on the pathway. And what's with all those walkers on the bike dedicated side!!!! Still a great day for a ride though. I even saw a Google Street view car along Riverdale Avenue!