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Administration and City Council Rolling into Work this Friday

Administration and City Council Rolling into Work this Friday

Bike Calgary organizing a group ride from City Hall to Eau Claire to promote cycling at the municipal level

May 1, 2012

Calgary’s largest transportation cycling organization is hosting an informal group ride to celebrate Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 4th. Aldermen including John Mar, Brian Pincott and Gian-Carlo Carra as well as Administration officials Malcolm Logan, General Manager of Transportation, and Don Mulligan, Director of Transportation Planning, have confirmed their participation.  More are expected to join as the event’s date approaches.

Bike to Work Day, an annual event that takes place throughout North America, is organized in Calgary by Balbi & Company Legal Centre with support from the City of Calgary. Its aim is to “promote cycling as a healthy, efficient, convenient, low-cost means of transport which contributes to a reduction of inner city traffic congestion and pollution”.  2012 will mark the sixth edition of the event in Calgary.

Bike Calgary’s ride will take City Council and Administration on infrastructure utilized by Calgary’s cycling citizens with the hope they set a positive example for those that are interested, but have not yet tried biking to work.  “We encourage more Calgarians to consider their bicycle as a mode of transportation.  An event such as Bike to Work Day is a perfect - and fun - opportunity for people to get out and try it”, says Simon Chauvette, member of the Bike Calgary Advocacy Committee.

The group will leave City Hall around 7:30 am, riding on streets and pathways to Eau Claire Market, where participants and organizers will be available to answer questions from the media.  Interested citizens wanting more information can visit Bike Calgary’s information table at Eau Claire Market between 6:30 and 9 am.



Friday, May 4, 2012 - 07:15 to 08:30

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Will there be muffins?

Will there be muffins or recovery drinks after the ride from City Hall to Eau Claire?

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Of course City Hall to

Of course City Hall to EauClaire isn't far enough to warrant a recovery drink. But a) many of them will ride from home to City Hall and then to Eau Claire for the group ride and b)for the "interested but concerned" potential bike commuters it'sexactly the few blocks through downtown that are the most daunting. (We're not even going the direct route down MacLeod Tr).

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great to see!

Great to see a few of the key decision makers are participating.  See you at eau Claire!

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We're not Portland Yet,

but maybe we're catching up!  I echo Sean's "Great to See" comment. 

I have been involved in BTWD since year #2 and been on this website for a few years.  I am surprised at how much has been done to improve & recognize cycling in the city over the last 5 years due to the efforts of people who do it just out of their love of cycling.


For Example, hings like Cyclapalooza, the desire of the City to better accomodate cyclists.  This all comes from a lot of people's selfless donation of their spare time.


Thanks All