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Open File - Most Dangerous Intersections for Cyclists (Calgary)

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Centre City plans

The article "Challenges of Building a Bike Friendly City" contains some interesting information:

Quote: "...confirmed the lanes will not be on Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Avenue, as there is too much traffic on these routes. A bike lane is slated for Third Avenue, but it will not be separated".

Quote: "...In the downtown, this year will see the implementation of four new north-south bike routes north of 10th avenue (not necessarily separated) and three more before 2014."

You can read the recommendations made by Bike Calgary and other cycling organizations in regards to the Centre City at http://bikecalgary.org/node/3152

Seven new (unspecified) north-south bike lanes, one east-west bike lane (3rd Avenue S) and an undetermined, but council required east-west separated lane, will represent a significant change to our streetscape.

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I want to know where the 3

I want to know where the 3 bike lanes in the downtown are.  Are they counting 11 St and 9 Ave east of 4 St as "downtown"?

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Interesting, 2nd Ave. SW, is

Interesting, 2nd Ave. SW, is nice, wide and not overly filled with car traffic, even at peak hr. Was it because there were more potential conflict areas than other parallel streets?? Some of the multi-rise dwellings there have parking access via the laneway parallel to the 2nd Ave.