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Little Free Libraries

This past Saturday Cyclofemme ran a bike tour of some of Calgary's Little Free Libraries. These are little boxes on folks' lawns that house books and act as a place for community to get together. They operate on the premise of "take a book, leave a book" and have been popping up all over Calgary in the last year or so.

In preparation for the ride I consulted the map at, but it is woefully incomplete. Since cyclists see a lot more of their neighbourhoods, I thought that you would be a great group to consult to find out where these Little Free Libraries live. I have created a map of the ones that I've encountered so far, but I know that there are more being put up that I don't know about, and would love your help updating this map.

Please have a look at the map I've done to see the libraries I've identified so far:

If you know of any others, please let me know. You can post the info here, or send me an email at yyclittlefreelibraries at gmail dot com.

Have a search for #littlefreelibrary on Instagram or Twitter for some great pics of these little libraries around the world. If you search #yycbike on Instagram a couple weeks back I did a photo tour of almost all of the ones I know about so far.

Thanks for any help. 



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I've been thinking about doing one and I'd be right on your existing route.  I'm going to make one that is a mini-me version of my own house since I have lots of leftover cedar, stain and shingles.

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We are thinking of doing

We are thinking of doing another tour as more of these microlibraries pop up. Please let me know when you put it up and we can include it on the next ride.

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for sale

You've already got hisi location marked, but if anoyone would like to buy a pre-made one from a friend of mine, I can put you in contact.  He builds them in his spare time.  Not sure the price.

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More Little Free Libraries for your map!

I was excited to find your map, as I know many of the Little Free Libraries are not on the map at

Here are a few more addresses that you could add to the map, if you would be so kind:

8003 Huntwick Cres NE

1811 24 Avenue NW

208 Preswick Way SE

6712 Silverview Drive NW (I think this is on the map, but without an address)


Thanks a ton.

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There's one at...

There's one at the park by the playground in Highland Park. Nice looking one, too! Roughly 42nd Ave NW and 1a St NW, almost right across from the daycare building. 

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Thank you!

Thank you for all of the new locations of these amazing little libraries. The map is now up to 25 locations (as a comparison, the other official map only has 7). You guys are great. Keep them coming. I am hoping to be able to keep adding more as they go up/are encountered.

Now I really need to fit in time for a massive bike ride to check all of these out. :)

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Hi Cleaverr,

Newbie here wondering if youve cpmpleted and/or updated the yyc LFL maps?

Also, if you ve considered or done any "trail" maps or routing maps for optimum routes vs LFL locations vs bike paths etc?

Id be interested if you had any interest in supporting an initiative by helping with a route map?