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Council Approves a Pilot of Three Cycle Track Routes in the Centre City

Thanks to everyone who worked hard and supported the push for the Centre City Cycle Track Network!

Here's what we know so far. We'll provide more details as they come in.

UPDATE: The existing lane on 10 Ave will remain in place at least until the cycle track on 12 Ave is operational. Administration will investigate the options and report back to Council (likely through Transportation and Transit Committee) in the coming months.

Today, April 28, Council approved a pilot of three cycle track routes in the Centre City:

  1. 5 St SW
  2. 8/9 Ave S
  3. 12 Ave S

With Council’s decision to exclude 1 St SE, and Administration’s commitment to lower the cost of the pilot, the resulting cost of the pilot network will be less than the $9.3 million originally quoted. An update on the cost will be provided to Council in late May/early June.

The Transportation Planning Department will now work on describing how they will monitor the pilot and define what success looks like, and prepare to report on this to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit in June.

The Department also needs to look at how to best connect 8Ave and 9Ave now that 1St SE is not included in the network connecting the two roads.

A detailed design is now required for the entire pilot network. Traffic signal work will begin in 2014 to prepare for the conversion of lanes. Lane conversion is slated to begin in the late spring of 2015.

Note: Stephen Avenue is still closed to bikes until the cycle track pilot network opens in summer 2015. You can be fined up to $300 if you ride your bike on Stephen Avenue before then.

(Thanks to GOOD Company for the celebratory logo!)

Additional information can be found on the City's Cycle Track Network website:



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Well, they are either

Well, they are either celebrating or surrendering!  I kid, I kid.  I think this is a good start, though leaves a big black hole on the east of 5th st.  1st SE from the river to 9th ST would have helped complete the network, even if they couldn't extend it further south.

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And some more "input" from Coun. Sean Chu

Speaking on the CBC Eyeopener this morning.  Some of his concerns can probably be alleviated with the upcoming pilot results, but he still mentions that 10 million dollars is a lot of money.  The cost argument is so weak, and I don’t think many Calgarians really understand how much the city really spends on projects.  Example: 1.7 million dollars being spent in my ward on a sound barrier wall for approx. 20 residences who chose to purchase/rent property along Beddington Trail.


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I don't understand the "we

I don't understand the "we are a summer city" nonsense.  We have skatting rinks in the winter, pools, tennis courts, baseball diamonds etc in the summer.  Just becuase it won't be used year round by everyone, should we not consider it?  Heck, 90% of the year the Stampede Grounds sit empty wasting valuable real estate with parking lots.   

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Common misunderstanding

People can't understand why some would like to ride their bikes in the winter, but no one ever questions why we will pack up our families, drive almost 2 hours west, spend $80 per person on lift tickets and use an entire day outside in -15 or colder.  (Or go hiking or cross country skiing, etc, etc.)

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My point was more that we

My point was more that we build infrastructure for other things that don't get used in the winter, why is it different with cycling infrastructure(ignoring that people do use it in winter).

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Yes, you are right.  It is odd that winter cycling and it's infrastructure seems to come under fire that way.  I own items that are only used part of the year (skis, winter jacket, even a small travel trailer only used for 6 months of the year) but have found a way to rationalize keeping them around when not in use.  The view on winter cycling might be tied into being so used to riding in cars to get around, and the feeling that cycle tracks take away space that can be used by a car.  Frustrated drivers looking a cycle track / MUP right beside them with bikes on the move as the cars wait in traffic.  Although there is nothing stopping some of those drivers from hopping on their bike and riding too.  That is one reason I started to bike to work; got tired of watching bikes cruise down the Nose Creek Pathway paralleling (or sometimes passing) me while I sat in traffic on Deerfoot trail.  

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passing cars

I goodly chunk of my commute is bow trail bike path, beside memorial drive and often right at rush hour.  I try not to be too smug (or at least not look too smug) as I fly along the bike path, wizzing past crawling or stopped cars.

My only envy is that some of them are drinking coffee as they sit in traffic whereas I have to wait til I get to work for my fix.

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you can have coffee

I passed a woman with coffe cup holder mounted on her handlebars, and a hot coffee from starbucks in it on 10th ave sw last week.

Might not stay hot for long in the winter though.

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I bet a 100 years ago they were having the same conversations about the automobile and the amount of money on roads when they had no heat and were 70 open to the elements. 

Nothing changes - it seems





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I think that falls within Ward 4.  

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Cycle Track Pilot Results Presentation

FYI via Sustainability for Breakfast

Friday, November 25, 2016

7:30 AM to 9:00 AM

  • Calgary, AB" data-name="Community Wise Resource Centre">
    Community Wise Resource Centre

    #101 223 12th Avenue, SW, Calgary, AB (map)

    51.041225 -114.067268
    Price: CAD10.00 /per person