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Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires

I was thinking of upgrading my tires to ones that are more puncture -proof and my research on the web lead me to these tires.

Has anyone tried out the new "flatless" version of these tires?  Since I am strictly a user of the paths and streets and only from March to November, I am not terribly worried about slightly increased tire weights. I am more interested in not getting flats from broken glass and small twigs.

I am riding a 2010 Jake the Snake and from what I see on Schwalbe's site, these tires do come in a size appropriate for my bike (700 X 35C).  Thanks.


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Got the tires installed over the weekend

I got the 35C rather than the 32C simply because I do ride a bit in the spring and fall when there is some snow on the ground.  The larger tire will hopefully help with stability in these conditions.

So far, I haven't noticed any drag from the heavier tires, although I am not exactly a racer.  The tires are inflated to the point that they are rock hard so I really feel the crappy condition of the north pathway between Edworthy Park and Crowchild!

All in all, I am happy with the tires so far, which cost $65 each at Bow Cycle.  I feel more confident accidently riding over a twig lying in the middle of a path and that will become more important when fall comes.

A good purchase.

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good to hear

I have the regular versions of the Marathon Plus and like them a lot. I have never had a flat with them. Love the durability and reliability. Not the lightest but pretty easy rolling in the 25c size.

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Gold Standard

At BikeBike, Marathon + tires are the best option for reducing punctures. 

Most of the "pro" messengers downtown swear by them and I know many customers who have never had a flat with them installed.

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Trade offs

Sure they are nearly puncture proof but the ride quality is absolutely terrible compared to the competition.

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Well, to each his own.  On my transport bike I'll take a little diminished "ride quality" over frustrating flat tires anyday, absolutely no contest. 

Add to that, many transport/utility bikes having not-the-easiest-to-change-wheele due to IGH systems and in many cases, drum/roller brakes, making flat changes quite a bit more complicated than your standard bikes.

But, on my faster bikes, I prefer more supple tires.

All depends on your priorities.

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me too. for commuting the Plus is terrific. If I need to get somewhere by a certain time, I like knowing I wont be sitting there fiddling with a flat. If I were racing, it would not be a good choice. Depends on your priorities. I find they ride just fine.

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only got a couple of years out of these tires

An update after a couple of years of using these tires.  Last summer I ended up having 4 slow leaks on my rear tire.  Even after having 3 seperate companies "fixed" the tire (i.e. replace the tube), I still found I could ride for about a week before it would go flat overnight.

I just took it in to Bow Cycle for its annual pre-season tuneup and asked them to look at the tire.  Turns out the sidewall was failing and the reinforcement wires were protruding out and it was these that were puncturing the tubes!

I have read online that failure of the sidewalls seems to be a problem with these tires but I was surprised this occured after only a couple of years riding primarily on the paths with a bit on the streets as well.  Perhaps I hit a few too many twigs laying on the ground in the fall and this damaged the tire?

Anyway, I replaced the tire with a new one and we'll see how long I can get out of it!