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Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires

I was thinking of upgrading my tires to ones that are more puncture -proof and my research on the web lead me to these tires.

Has anyone tried out the new "flatless" version of these tires?  Since I am strictly a user of the paths and streets and only from March to November, I am not terribly worried about slightly increased tire weights. I am more interested in not getting flats from broken glass and small twigs.

I am riding a 2010 Jake the Snake and from what I see on Schwalbe's site, these tires do come in a size appropriate for my bike (700 X 35C).  Thanks.


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good to hear

I have the regular versions of the Marathon Plus and like them a lot. I have never had a flat with them. Love the durability and reliability. Not the lightest but pretty easy rolling in the 25c size.

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Gold Standard

At BikeBike, Marathon + tires are the best option for reducing punctures. 

Most of the "pro" messengers downtown swear by them and I know many customers who have never had a flat with them installed.

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Well, to each his own.  On my transport bike I'll take a little diminished "ride quality" over frustrating flat tires anyday, absolutely no contest. 

Add to that, many transport/utility bikes having not-the-easiest-to-change-wheele due to IGH systems and in many cases, drum/roller brakes, making flat changes quite a bit more complicated than your standard bikes.

But, on my faster bikes, I prefer more supple tires.

All depends on your priorities.

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me too. for commuting the Plus is terrific. If I need to get somewhere by a certain time, I like knowing I wont be sitting there fiddling with a flat. If I were racing, it would not be a good choice. Depends on your priorities. I find they ride just fine.