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I have decided that moving, and moving across provinces is the worst! I have no idea where anything is and zero time to actually ride my bike. Going to the store to buy duct tape does not count!


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Ah well, it will all shake

Ah well, it will all shake out soon!

When you say "you don't know where anything is" are you talking about in town or within the apartment?

If the first, what are you looking for? maybe we can help? If the latter, well, it will get better. :)

P.S. Agreed, moving sucks!

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If you were moving in-town, you could just call for help and get a bunch of friends to do a 'bike move'. I hear they're popular in Portland, Oregon. A whole flotilla of bikes pulling trailers can move an entire apartment in no time. (Yes, they built a special trailer that can haul an entire bed).

'ride' at 'bikecalgary.org'
Bicycles aren't obstructing traffic, they're part of traffic

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It's just the "having

It's just the "having everything in boxes" that's killing me. I'm going to be staying in high rive until we find something downtown. I don't think that's a good bike move... seems a little much.

I have done the bike moves, they always go well! They are really fun actually