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Calgary area Local Bike Shops (LBS)

[NOTE: This page is out of date. Go here instead:

There's a good YellowPages listing of all the Calgary-area bicycle dealers. At the present time we have about 25 shops in Calgary listed.

The YellowPages listing may be either more or less up to date than the list below.

Calgary-area Local Bike Shops

Adventure Equipment
723-53 Avenue SW
(403) 253-9697 T2V 0C4

B&P Cycle and Sports Ltd
1717 52 Street SE
(403) 272-7141 T2A 1V1

1501 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2T 0E2
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Bow Cycle & Sports
6501 Bowness Road NW
(403) 288-5422 T3B 0E8
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Cactus Bike & Ski
9827 Horton Rd SW
(403) 255-2886 T2V2X5

Calgary Cycle
1414 Centre Street NE
(403) 277-3430 T2E 2R9

Campione Cycles Factory Outlet
100-906 12 Avenue SW
(403) 228-0022 T2R 1K7
Campione is a 2009 sponsor of BikeCalgary

Crowfoot Sports
closed down

Cyclefix Mobile Repair & Used Sales
(403) 280-4556

Cyclepath Bikes
10-2015 32 Avenue NE
(403) 250-5654 T2E 6Z3

closed down

Eurotech Cycle
789 Northmount Drive NW
(403) 289-3063 T2L 0A1

Jessie's Bicycle Repair & Gift Shop
6-5008 Whitehorn Drive NE
(403) 590-0070 T1Y 1V1

Joe's Garage mobile bike repair
On the south-side Bow River pathway just east of 9A St LRT pedestrian bridge
Open daily if the weather is good
Proprietor: Joe Nunn, joe_nunn 'at' yahoo.ca
(403) 874-JOES (-5637)

445 10 St Nw
(403) 270-4501 T2N1W1

Mission Bmx Shop
616 17 Avenue SW
(403) 270-7669 T2S 0B4

Mountain Bike City Ski & Sports
2707 17 Avenue SW
(403) 686-2453 T3E 0A6

Mountain Equipment Co-op
830 10 Avenue SW
(403) 269-2420 T2R 0A9
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Pedalhead Bicycle Works
202-12100 MacLeod Trail Se
(403) 261-1921 T2J 7G9

Power in Motion
Eau Claire Market
176 - 200 Barclay Parade SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 4R5
Power In Motion is a 2010 sponsor of BikeCalgary

Pure Cycle
3133-150 Millrise Boulevard SW
(403) 201-4300 T2Y 5G7
Pure Cycle is a 2009 sponsor of BikeCalgary

Quick Fix - Bicycle, ski and snowboard service experts
3808 Macleod Trail S
403 686-7040 T2G 2R2

Ridley's Cycle
223 10 Street NW
(403) 283-1421 T2N 1V5
Ridley's is a 2009 sponsor of BikeCalgary

Single Track Cycle
closed down

Slopeside Cycle
88 Canada Olympic Road SW
(403) 247-5607 T3B 5R5

Soma Cycle
closed down

Sona-Tech Bicycles
Mobile Bicycle Repairs, Rentals, & Road Side Assistance
(403) 236-2626, call for appointment
e-mail: sonatech 'at' telus.net

Sport Swap Ltd
closed down

Sports Rent
4424 16 Avenue NW
(403) 292-0077 T3B 0M4

Sports Traders
39 Crowfoot Terrace NW
(403) 547-7747 T3G 4J8

The Bike Shop
801 11 Avenue SW
(403) 264-0735 T2R 0E6

Tuxedo Source For Sports
2520 Centre Street NE
(403) 277-2872 T2E 2V2

University of Calgary Outdoor Program Centre
2500 University Drive NW
(403) 220-5038 T2N 1N4

Vitasport Cycles Ltd
3007 Centre Street NW
(403) 276-5115 T2E 2X2

Way Past Fast/SpeedTheory
735A 10th Avenue SW
(403) 202-1030 T3B 4Z1

Westside Mountain Shop Ltd
closed down


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Eurotech gets my vote..

Tried a few bike shops in the NW in the last few months. Eurotech wins hands down for service, straight talk and decent price.

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Are they still on Northmount Drive? Last time I went by there, I didn't see the store.

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Yes, they are at the west end of the strip mall on the SW corner of 14th Street and Northmount Drive NW.

There's a gas station and a drive-in burger place there and Eurotech is right on the end of the complex (facing the school).

The store is not easy to see from the road.

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bike models?

What models of bikes were there available?

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I called Cyclepath North

I called Cyclepath North (not associated with the south store)last week because I am looking for a deal on a KHS bike. The guy said they would be closed for good by the end of this week. Sigh - They didn't have any KHS inventory left so I need to continue saving my pennies and watching for a deal.

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bike models

They have Devinci, Free Agent and KHS, but nothing left in the medium sizes.

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Bike Bros.

Please don't forget about us at Bike Bros in Cochrane. Check our web at www.bikebros.ca if you want more details. For '08 we have a few bikes from Cyclocross to rigid 29ers to bikes stock with fenders and lights for commuters. We also have quick service.

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hideous website

It's hard to focus on the bikes they sell due to the hideous blinking text on every page. Every title appears to be yelling "look here!" which is distracting to say the least. The overall impression is of a really cheesy retailer, or a web designer who gets his ideas from browsing porn sites. It totally puts me off considering buying anything from them.

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Blinking here

Hmm, maybe we need some bling to bring up the readership numbers!

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New for 2011 at www.bikebros.ca - no blinkies

I have never been able to recreate the infamous blinkies experienced by a couple people at www.bikebros.ca
Please see for yourself and let me know if anything blinks (I do the website and there has never been any code written to cause a blinky thing...).

Graham - Bike Bros owner and the guy who learned how to do websites so he could keep the Bike Bros site blink-free and up to date since 2003.

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Looks good Graham

No blinking anywhere in sight. Hope you have a successful season.

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Shopping for shoes

I think there was a whole television series based on this concept. Can anyone offer some advice here? I am in the market for some new road shoes, I've been to Bow cycle and MEC so far but most other shops are kind of out of the way for me.

Which shops stock a good selection of footwear? I am particularly interesting looking at some Lake brand shoes as I understand they make road shoes that you can actually walk in.


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Lake shoes

I had a pair of Lake shoes that looked like skateboarding shoes, and they were some of the most comfortable shoes I've had. Too bad they wore out after a few years; they were my fave!

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When I commute I wear my steel-toed work boots that I wear at work. On weekend rides I wear runners, whatever is comfortable. I think footwear is really a personal thing. If you're a hard core cyclist, you may want special shoes with clip pedals.

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Clipless = Hard core?

I wouldn't consider myself hard core but I do ride a lot for transportation and recreation:) While I do have one bike with flat pedals, all my others use clipless and I find I definitely prefer a clipless pedal.

The problem with buying shoes is finding a selection to try on. So far I like everything about the sidis at mec except the price.:/


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clip pedals/shoes

Will clip pedals work with any cycling shoe? I am curious because I have never had a pair.

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There are different types

Of Clipless pedals/cleats. The 2 main types are SPD and Look. Look are more for "racer" type shoes and not suitable for walking. ( At least, I've never seen a walkable pair of Look shoes. ) I personally prefer Crank Bros eggbeater pedals which use a cleat which looks like SPD and is compatible with SPD type shoes. I assume there are some older bike type footwear that are purely intended for regular pedals, that is, they have a stiff sole but no provision for cleats. Would think they would be an extreme rarity. For your purposes, I would look for shoes compatible with SPD. I have a pair of cheap SPD type pedals, probably a Welgo brand. They're new, but basic $10?

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Egg Beaters

I'll throw my two bob in ....
SPD shoes ..... very comfortable, and durable .... I've had the same pair for 6 years and they're still going strong. (Ex Australia ... and the housemaid in Venezuela routinely put them in the washer .... still going strong).

I had a good bud of mine down in Houston that did me a deal on my egg-beaters.
Only cost a couple of pints !

They may weigh a litle bit more but they're robust, Simple and bullet proof.
The cleat on the shoe heal though eventually will wear out (being brass). But fortunately the Bike shop on 11'th Av SW sells replacements. If your going for egg-beaters may pay to get a spare set of the cleats when you buy them .... just in case the design changes in the future. I was lucky !

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SPuDs, eggbeaters, this is making me hungry!

Yup, I am using SPDs on both road and mountain bikes right now, but am planning to switch to SPD-SL for the road bike as I find I get a numb spot on the sole of my foot on long rides.

The reason I am interested in Lake shoes is that they claim to have a model (CX-165) that are ok for walking in with cleats.


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Campione Cycles is under new management.


The new manager will actually talk to you and although he is somewhat modest he is also extremely good looking. They carry the Lake MX-165 which has a Vibram sole and is great for walking in. I used them working as a courier and they survived considerable abuse.

Campione also carries the Soma Morning Rush coffee cup and holder.


As well, if you are not offered please do not be afraid to ask that handsome manager for a coffee. He is pulling a mean espresso.



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Figureo out what you want to do.

Do you want to walk or ride? SPDs are the only cleat system that will effectively let you walk with the shoes but there is a reason the pro riders don't use them. Partially due to release capability but that's not something we mere mortals are too concerned with. However, I have pulled out of my SPD binding but never my look.

Look, Time, Lollipop although I don't know if you can still buy time or not. I don't like the mega float of the lollipops and have used Look since they first came out which was when I moved away from toe straps! And I toured parts of Germany on my looks which did require walking so it "can" be done, just isn't something you want to do a lot of.

Getting a nice stiff road shoe will help you to transfer power to the pedal and give you good feel about what is going on. As you may have guessed, my preference is for Looks. If you go this route you'll also have to decide on the amount of float that you want (none to about 9 degrees). I'm not a large fan of float although I do ride red looks right now.

If you haven't ridden with clipless pedals for awhile (or ever), practise clipping in and out, especially out, for awhile to ensure that you can do it when you want.

Email me if you have further questions.

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The Departed

Cyclepath North, Dynamic Cycles, Soma and Singletrack have all shuffled off this mortal chain, so to speak, and are no longer operating.


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Cyclepath North

I'm seeing quite a few old comments here; just wanted to update that there is a North location of Cyclepath again: 4112, 8650 112 Ave NW. See website http://www.thecyclepath.ca/index.php for map & contact info for both locations. 

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I'll second Eurotech

Number one choice for buying anything, hands down.
Roy has been very helpful to me, and i will definately reward him with my business for the service, and sense of community i get from the shop.

If they don't have what i need, then i'll start venturing south to Ridleys and Campione

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I try to support my LBS

but there are some smaller items that MEC does a good job keeping the prices down. The private label clothing has some really good quality items and the prices are fantastic.

They don't call the distributers the "bike cartel" for no reason.

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is awesome for clothes etc but I don't take my bike there. Prefer my local independent guy.

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Updates/More Info on LBS

I'm working on updating and improving this list. I have a list of all of these stores with contact info, plus a few nearby (Bike Bros in Cochrane, Cranked in Airdrie, Cal's in Linden). Any others you know of? Would it be worthwhile you think to research and post additional info? For instance: Price of a regular tune up? Sell used bikes? Rent bikes? Which types of bikes do you specialize in? Which brands do you carry?

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Please post in the correct forum

This is not the place to discuss goods and services offered by the various LBS stores in Calgary. Instead, use the appropriate sub-forum in the Gear category.