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okay, on the radio i heard that approximately 1000 bikes every MONTH are stolen in downtown calgary, and if they arent claimed, the police auction them, does anyone know where and when this is held? they said it would be a great place to get bikes/parts for very cheap

if you know please contact me since i am rarely on this site

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I love that line

"1000 bikes every MONTH are stolen in downtown calgary, and if they arent claimed, the police auction them"

It sounds like the police are fund raising through theft.

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Police auctions

I have been to a couple of those auctions, there are two or three auctions each year where they they sell several dozen bikes. I guess if 1000 bikes are stolen every month that means the police aren't recovering very many of them:)

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I've never been to the

I've never been to the auction, but have always wanted to drop by. I imagine chests of lost gold claims and Microsoft shares, which is probably far from reality. Much like the claim of 1000 bikes a month downtown stolen in Calgary.

A recent CBC news article reported that some 4500 bikes were reported stolen in all of Alberta last year and 2150 were reported stolen in Calgary in 2003 (almost 1400 recovered). Granted, many bike thefts may go unreported, but it hardly seems to add up to "1000 bikes per month in Calgary downtown" alone.

Ask yourself, would you report it? It sounds like someone pulling numbers out of a hat.

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Virtually everyone's had one stolen at least...

Pretty much everyone I know has had a bike stolen. Almost none of them bothered to report it. I mean, for the most part the hit on insurance wasn't worth calling to get that reference number from the police. Only the guys who lost the high-end bikes bothered to tell the police...and most of the people I know who do the commute do it with the worst-lookin' bikes possible just to avoid theft.

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im just going with what i

im just going with what i heard on the radio and i wanted to check it out anyways, thanks for that url!

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Good finds

My neighbour has been to a few of them, and he's found a number of good deals. He's said that there are certainly junky bikes, but if you know what to look for there are certainly deals to be found.