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2016 YYCBIKE Awards - Meet the Judges

Our second judge is often seen bustling behind the scenes of every cool event you are at or wish you were at.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith





Colin Smith is a third generation Albertan with a passion for building community and

working to solve environmental challenges.

Before 2013, Smith was a journeyman electrician who volunteered at events like Sled

Island and Market Collective in his spare time. When he broke his arm in a

snowboarding accident and couldn’t continue working in his trade, he took on an event

planning position for Village Brewery in Calgary. The experience brought home for Smith

something that had concerned him about his other favourite events. “There was just so

much waste. I loved being part of them, but I hated seeing heaping trash cans at the end

of the day.”

Smith decided to step up. In 2012, he launched Green Event Services, offering recycling

and waste management and diversion services for events. By 2015, Green Event

Services had participated in over 150 events, diverted 90 tons of waste from the landfill,

employed over 100 people, and served over one million event attendees by providing

waste reducing options.

The company’s good work hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2015, Green Event Services

received the Calgary Chamber Small Business Award for Environmental Stewardship. But

it’s the less tangible successes that really make Smith smile. “Last summer, I employed

more than 80 people and paid them a living wage to do meaningful environmental


work. I feel proud about that.”

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2016 YYCBIKE Awards - Meet the Judges

Our third judge is a veteran at selecting winners, having been a Calgary Youth Science Fair judge for 7 years.

Karen McPherson

Karen McPherson

Karen McPherson was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill, on May 5, 2015. She currently serves as chair of the Standing Committee on Private Bills, as a member of the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing as well as a member of the Standing Committee on Families and Communities.

Before being elected, Ms. McPherson’s career spanned roles as varied as Collaboration Analyst, Collaboration and E-mail Architect and Manager, Business Continuity Consultant and Business Analyst in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, in industries such as Chemicals, Manufacturing and for more than 20 years, in Oil and Gas.

As part of her commitment to contributing to the community Ms. McPherson has served as Secretary for Old Colony Habitat for Humanity in Norton, Massachusetts, a wrangler when Calgary hosted the Juno Awards in 2008 and a judge of the Calgary Youth Science Fair for seven years.


Ms. McPherson has two grown children, a small grouchy dog and enjoys travelling to learn about the world we live in.


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2016 YYCBIKE Awards - Meet the Judges

Now that the nominations are complete, it's time to meet the judges tasked with selecting this year’s YYC Bike Award recipients, and it will not be easy!



Helen Pike


Helen Pike is a reporter for Metro Calgary and reports regularly on cycling infrastructure and events. Although she's a motorist Monday to Friday, on the weekends you might find her getting from point A to B on her burgundy road bike.