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Kudos to the pathway clearing contractors

Kudos to the pathway clearing contractors for doing a great job. I have to say, every time it snows those contractors are out there first thing. Today was no exception; when I headed off to work, the messiest part of my ride was before and after I got on the pathway. Not only was the pathway system clear from Edmonton Trail to 10 St NW (that's all I ride), but all of the little approach paths and connections were clear as well. First class! It sure makes winter commuting a pleasure.

Meanwhile, over on the city streets, the City's idea of snow clearing is to drive around with dump trucks dumping poison on the streets (a.k.a.


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Murphy's Law as it relates to flat tires

"A flat tire will always occur at the furthest point of your ride, particularly if you have no repair kit or pump".

I was out riding in Edgewater, BC, on the weekend. Keeping to my New Year's resolution to ride every single day of 2006, I grabbed an old clunker mountain bike that was at the house I was staying at, and headed out. I found a winding gravel road and eventually got down to the banks of the Columbia River. It was at this location that paddle-wheeler steamers used to stop around the turn of the century and unload supplies.

The rear tire was really low on the bike, so as I rode uphill I leaned heavily on the handlebars to shift my weight off it. I'd gone only a few hundred metres when suddenly, my front tire flatted. So it was a long walk back to the house!