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Survey - Markings on Residential Bikeways

The City is conducting a survey regarding markings along residential bikeways until September 7th, 2016. Have your say in the type of markings you prefer at...


Keep in mind this is residential bikeways, not bike lanes, cycle tracks, etc.


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Missed Connections

Missed Connections


You were a pathway that ended roughly in a cul-de-sac that lead to nowhere... You were a closed pathway without a detour marked out... You were a deep trench across a bike path that catches peoples wheels... You all ride your routes, how would you improve those little things to make your trip by bike better? Let us know what and where the problem is, and we will work to make it better. Is it a missing few blocks to get safely to some already great infrastructure? Maybe just a pavement issue along the route. Whatever the concern, we will add it to our list! Fill out your missed connection today! 

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Help the city help us!


Hi Hello Bike Calgary Members,

You may have noticed in your travels that there are some pneumatic counters placed on pathways all around the city. These

counters are currently in place as part of a capital project to determine public washroom placement along the paths, but if they

cannot collect the data, they will not be able to get the funds required.

Someone has been consistently pulling up a few of these counters, specifically in the Edworthy Park locations. Not only could

this potentially damage the units, but will also impede progress on this project. If you see someone tampering with the units,

please call 3-1-1. If you could spread the word about the purpose of the counters, that would also be great! I am sure it is not

a member of Bike Calgary doing it, but getting the word out may help us get a stop station sooner!  


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