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Pathway conditions between Edworthy and downtown

I'd like to know the condtion on that route? 



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Good winter conditions this morning... were you looking for something specific?

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That's good.  I did ride it

That's good.  I did ride it earlier.  I'm a newbie riding in spring conditions and I was worndering about ice.

As I drove down Edworthy (I leave my car there), they were clearing that road and the ice is pretty much all gone.  So much better now!

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Ice Riding

I've been year round commuting for 10+ years... I'm sure you can get LOTS of great advice here by asking a more open ended question such as "how can I ride ice?"

Glad you asked...

Well the key is to treat it kinda like driving - no sudden moves.  That means keep your speed up, no turning suddenly, no leaning, keep the legs loose and fluid, try to "relax" so if the bike tires kick you a little this or that way just go with it.  As for tires... if you have MTB then you can handle the vast majority of conditions... but taking a little pressure out always helps with grip.  For road tires... I'm not the one to answer that!  Some of us will keep running studded tires until April sometime.

Right now we see lots of daytime melt and then night time freeze so it is somewhat unpredictable.  Currently the icy/slick areas are fairly short although frequent.  Not enough to really cancel your riding.  Get out there and get used to it!  You'll be fine!



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Ice Riding - Balance & Visualization

So we're in another (hopefully) short window of super-icy conditions.  I agree with all your tips and would like to add my 2 cents worth.

I try to "square up" on my bike completely for perfect balance - that means bike straight up, head straight up, square shoulders, bent elbows, even pressure on both hands.  And then I visualize the laser-straight line I am going to take across the ice.  Still not a 100% perfect defence against falling, and the bruised hip that usually follows, but I think it helps.

Too bad it doesn't work on conditions like this (pic from this morning):

 photo 125808d9-234c-4451-bea4-841f4744296e_zpshaut33kg.jpg

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a slightly dfferent approach

I admit that I might be a wimp when it comes to riding on ice.  I've winter cycled for about 15 years now, and decided that I hate crashing.  So I have no qualms or hesistations to dismount, put on my set of Microspikes (from MEC) and walk until safe to remount.  It's not a fast as riding, but I've broken bones in a previous bike crash.  I don't want to spent the next month healing up.  

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I don't mind walking either

I walked around A LOT of ice yesterday!  I don't like crashing either.  But I did this morning, so did my boss!  OUCH!

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Honestly I found the path and road riding this past Tues/Wed/Thurs to be some of the worst this year.  So much slick black ice.  On Thurs morning during that snow fall I saw quite a few splat marks, and was even waved down by one guy to warn me (THANK YOU THANK YOU).  Had a few sketchy moments myself.  Made it through though.  Hope everyone else did too.

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On the Streets

With all the icy pathway conditions, I decided to take the on-street route along Northland Drive, Northmount and 10th Street instead of chancing the pathways through Varisty and all the downslope flow that crosses them.  Only challenge was that most of the people parked along 10th Street were parked half in the bike lane because of all the ice along the curbs, so there's not much of a bike lane right now.  On the up-side, there wasn't any ice in to contend with on the road itself.