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Quarry Trail (Below Shaganappi Golf Course)

Anyone been through Quarry Trail recently? I thought I saw a mountain bike coming out of there this morning, any chance the utility work wrapped up early? Would love to take the more gradual climb if it's open.


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Also curious...

I'm also wondering when this will be open. Looking at Strava there havn't been any attemps on the segment in the past month.

The schedule on the sign orginally said May30th. I've noticed online alst week it had been extended to June 9th....

Just checked and it now says "until further notice"...Typical construction schedule.....

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don't hold your breath, but they are making progress.

I chatted with one of the workers this morning, and he related that the ATCO work will take another few weeks.

I would also guess that the city will piggyback their long proposed changes to Quarry Park Trail when ATCO is done.

So it will be a while yet until the trail opens....

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Good News - Thanks!

Good to have some kind of an update - I was worried when I saw June 9th turn into 'Until further notice'. In the mean time I guess I'll keep getting better at hills with the 24th detour.

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And then,

After talking with some folks who have a better handle on this:

ATCO is planning to finish their work by the end of June. The city is hoping to start in early July and complete the Quarry trail upgrades within six weeks.

In the meantime, the stiff climb to 24th St will help me build character!

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The lack of coordination is a bit suprising. Would have been nice for the City to have the foresight to get the upgrades done during the ATCO closure. That said, the website still says construction Fall 2016...

The detour hills have been good training for the season, however would be nice to shave those minutes off the commute and get back to the gravel path.


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Lower part passable

It is completely possible to use the lower part of the trail -- at least up to the big switchback corner where the "no bikes" singletrack connects across to the Douglas Fir trail.  I'm not sure how far down the trail the work comes, but the only stuff I've laid my own eyes on is right up at the top where it connects to the road (this is a big excavation and lots of fencing).

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Upgrades until September(ish)

According to my community (Wildwood) newsletter, ATCO completed its work at the end of June.  The City will be starting its upgrades to the trail by July 7.  Upgrades are expected to take between 6-8 weeks. 

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more-or-less open?

It's still officially closed, but very ridable. Looks like they're waiting to install even more of these killer barricades. Stupid!


hairpin on quarry trail

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Quarry - used

Based on that photo the trail has already seen a lot of use.

Somehow I think the number of posts is a little overkill... lets hope that in the winter it doesn't become a luge run, unless those rails can be put to effective use.  How does the drainage look?

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Lots of Culverts Installed

A lot of culverts have been installed throughout the whole length of the trail. Time will tell if they are effective in managing the drainage issues although I can see it being a huge improvement in the summer/rainy months.

Personally, I'm skeptical that the icy winter conditions will change much even with the new culverts given the steep terrain and shady northern exposure. Time will tell though…

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It looks like they maybe put weeping tile (with PVC pipes under the path) in what I *believe* is one of the sections that usually has water seeping over it (and ice all winter). If so: great!

There's also a big-ish culvert in the one "gully" feature about half-way up the first pitch from the bikepath (and more of those dumb overkill fence-railing things).

I guess a few months will tell :)

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Crews Are Still Working

Yesterday afternoon, I rode the trail for the first time since its closure.  There are still crews actively working on the trail (one installing the bars/wires at the barricades and the other watering the new vegetation).   I will probably continue to avoid during the daylight/working hours so I don't interfere with their work. It is completely rideable though so I will start taking it for my early morning commute. 

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Progress is good at least

Great to see some updates, I'll probably stay clear since my commute home is still likely in their work hours, it looks like it can't be more than another week or two though so that's good news.

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Does anyone know if they're planning to pave it?

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Negative, when I got a call

Negative, when I got a call back from Parks (I think it was parks?) at the city after my 311 request they told me they wanted to pave it but they were denied by the community who felt it would ruin the feel of the trail, there were some historical concerns as well I guess.

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Took Q trail down to the river this morning. No gates at the top or bottom anymore. My main light had failed, so even with my tiny MEC LED light I was essentially riding in the dark. Path is very smooth however still collecting snow/ice at the usualy spots. Very interested to see how this path will handle rain, but I guess we will see next spring!

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Awesome news - I'm going to

Awesome news - I'm going to give it a go tomorrow. Also, Thank you 24 Street hill for building my character these last few months.

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Welding work

Going up in daylight yesturday was suprised to see how many railings they had put in. Welders are still working on it. Crazy to me how much these must cost. I'm sure these are part of the city of calgarys injury prevention program based on the hundreds of poor commuters who must have plummeted off the edge of the treacherous quarry trail over the past few years...Wink