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Winter Bike to Work Day

Winter Bike to Work Poster Illustration by Jillian Fleck Bike to Work Day is coming up on February 14, 2014. We know, that's also Valentine's Day. But it happens to be pretty much exactly the middle of winter. And that's why the organizers of the worldwide event have chosen that day.  Yes, it's a worldwide event, and people from everywhere are invited to register on the Winter Bike to Work Day website.  Totals by city will be tallied: let's show Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton, and Oulu, Finland that Calgary can embrace winter too.

To support Winter Bike to Work Day, Bike Calgary is organizing an event at Eau Claire Market the morning of February 14 (7-9 am). First 60 get breakfast, sponsored by Power in Motion!  There will also be a Winter Bike to Work photo booth on Wednesday, February 12, after 3:30 pm, sponsored by Bike Bike. There will be hot cocoa and gift certificates for the models.

If you're not already riding, but would like to and need some prep, we're still offering a "make your own studded tire" workshop on Saturday, February 1, and an introduction to winter riding clinic on Saturday, February 8. There will also be a women-only workshop by Cyclofemme YYC at Good Life Bikes on February 5 (6 pm) as part of their "Gender Equality Magic" Wednesday night series.

If all that is not enough: Calgary's bicycle-themed DIY festival Cyclepalooza will run Winterpalooza from February 12-17: It follows the same format as Cyclepalooza, but in winter.  So there will be bike rides to the tobogganing hill, a winter bike/valentine's day party, bike races on ice, etc. 

Please help us get the word out! Tell your friends. If you're on Facebook, join the Winterpalooza event and invite your friends. Commit at the Winter Bike to Work Day site. Print the attached posters and put them up at work. Share & tweet your pictures with the #wbtwd hashtag. We'll need some help for the event on Friday morning, so if you have time, sign up here or drop us a line at [email protected].

Winter Bike to Work Poster Illustration by Jillian Fleck @lakejehovaWinter Bike to Work Poster Illustration by Jillian Fleck @lakejehovaWinter Bike to Work Poster Illustration by Jillian Fleck @lakejehova[Poster credit: Jillian Fleck]


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I have to say though, EVERY day below freezing is Winter Bike To Work Day [even in August].

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Love promo posters.

Love the 2 posters by Fleck, cycling towards Centre St. bridge and other on the Peace Bridge. Fun, eye-catching imagery that is Calgary.

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Can't Wait!

So anxious to have LOTS of winter cyclists showing up for the photo booth on Wed to show all of Calgary that we are for real. Sigh, I read to many of those comments in the media after the Cycle Track Network articles!

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Make sure to stop by.

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Not to rock the boat, but there are plenty of riders heading directly south out of downtown.  There are no MUPs for us, just poorly-cleared roads.  How 'bout a headcount?

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Winter BTWD

I stopped for both the Engineering Students Survey and the Photo Booth.  I was glad to seea very good turnout!  Anybody know how many people stopped?

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re: Winter BTWD

I stopped for the survey and picture too.  It's not my usual route...but work was dead so I got off early and had a beer with the kids at National and then made my way back along the MUP until I hit the photo booth.  That delayed my ride out of the core...and it was interesting to see how many riders there were at 4:30.  I usually leave work at 3-3:30 and the path is deserted.

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Portraits look amazing!

We're just going through them now and we are up over 165 people!

Way to go winter bikers!



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Can't wait to see them.

Where / when are they going to be posted?  I looked at Bikebike, here, Facebook, Twitter, and Cyclepalooza.  I'm assuming it'll be well announced.

Was happy that the booth took me on a detour to allow completion of the survey as well.

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next weekish

We should have them up on the BikeBike Blog - accessed from the shop's website.

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Double post.

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Have a good Winter Bike to

Have a good Winter Bike to Work Day! Don't forget to take pictures and send them to us (or tweet with #wbtwd #yycbike, or post them on our facebook page). 

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Thanks! And enter to win!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our little #WBTWD event! And thanks again to Power in Motion for sponsoring the breakfast. They make awesome heated gloves and vests and electric conversion kits, check them out!

Rogue gave us a Chrome messanger bag to give away; tweet/instagram/post on our facebook your Winter Bike to Work day picture! (And tag it #wbtwd #yycbike).

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Burning desire to kick Winnipeg's ass!

I am so excited to see the results of WBTWD! As someone who doesn't cross downtown for work, and thus missed out on the festivities, this is as close as I get to celebrating it all. I hope the results are posted soon!

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Results are coming out!

Calgary #2 in first-time winter riders, behind Winnipeg in absolut numbers, Ottawa percentage-wise.