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Winter Bike To Work Day - Winners!!!!

Top 25

Time to announce our Winter Bike to Work Day winners! We had lots of great prizes, so have consolidated them on our site instead of a posting blitz!

First up, @epicoutdoor Calgary Bike Show passes!

Greg Haskey - Facebook

Josh Crough - Twitter

Taylor Morris - Twitter

Dave Cumming - Twitter

Lia Brands - Facebook

Marty Stanvick - Facebook

David MN - Facebook

Dale Calkins - Twitter

GB & Q - Twitter

Dave Hill - Twitter

Greg MacKenzie - Twitter

Deborah Perret - Facebook

Renato Barros - Facebook

Kim Hooper - Facebook

Jeremy Liberman - Facebook

Stephanie Felker - Twitter

Daorcey Le Bray - Twitter

Conor Rhyme w/ Donor - Twitter

May Guan - Facebook

Monica Jorch - Facebook


Next Prize, Two Wheel View T-shirts!

Tiffany Talen - Facebook

David White - Facebook

Julia Rose Smith - Facebook

Mary Minnet - Facebook

Next Prize, copies of Bicycle Snowplow by David Coldwell

Kalen Crowe - Twitter

Chris Wells - Facebook

Rob Crooks - Twitter

Brad Harrington - Facebook

David Crosby - Facebook/Twitter

And finally, Calgary Bike Show VIP Passes!

Jeff (Cpt Highside) - Twitter

Car-Free Ryan - Twitter

Ellen Hadley - Facebook

Laurie Leier - Twitter

Rory Allen - Facebook


If you are one of our lucky winners, please contact us through the site or email [email protected] to arrange your prize! 


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