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The Aftermath of the Flood of 2013

Obviously the recent and ongoing flooding will have direct and devastating impact on many Calgarians and my thoughts go out to anyone in this situation.  On the positive side, I know we are a resilient City and that we will be able to pull together to get through and rebuild what was lost.

Of course, this event will also have a huge impact on how Calgarians get around in the short-term and possibly, for cyclists, the medium-term, as many of Calgary's key cycling routes include pathways running along our waterways.  We will get a better idea of the condition of these facilities as water levels begin to drop.  With this in mind, let's keep our fellow Bike Calgary members updated on any pathway or bikeway conditions that may impact them as well as keep our eyes open for alternatives.  

Thanks, good luck, and stay safe!

Important Resources

UPDATE: Ride the City Calgary knows about pathway closures now and will route around them!





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List of Bridges / Pathways that are Out of Commission post-flood

A List of infrastructure no longer accessible would help plan new routes / alternatives.

Sue Higgins Bridge between Queensland / Douglasdale  -   approach from Queensland is washed away just like in 2005.

Fish Creek bridge below Acadia drive - washed off bridge abutments

Sandy Beach Bridge (River Park to Britannia) - in pieces floating downstream somewhere.


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Bow river bridges

Yesterday: Crowchild Tr ped bridge was closed but not flooded. Access to the bridge on the north side was possible going west but not going east.

South Bow iver MUP flooded at Pumphouse -- detour via Pumphouse access road possible

14 St bridge open, underpass on sounth side flooded but north side ok

10 St bridge open, underpasses flooded

LRT ped bridge closed, flooding on north side 

Peace Bridge was ok but closed

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Info on Bowmont and Bowness

from ChrisGuy

I rode east from Silver Springs yesterday morning.  Once I completed the last descent into the flood plain the water was right up to the bottom of the hill.  I took a picture but I don't know how to post it here.  Later in the afternoon I rode through Varsity to Home Road and, wow, huge erosion to the river banks between Bowness Bridge and that new look out platform.  Police everywhere keeping an eye on things.  I rode into Bowmont and the water was right up to where that last little bench, where the storm water outfall is.  I wanted to ride through Bowness, but the water at Bow Cresent and Bowness Road was too deep once you got off the bridge deck on the Bowness side.

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from gyrospanner

from gyrospanner

If your route takes you via Home Road - Montgomery - Edworthy - Downtown, I think you will be OK once the water level goes down.  I rode in yesterday to make an almost daring rescue attempt of my laptop and I only had to make a few small detours around the water.  Here is some detail.

1) Bowmont Park will be a DISASTER, so I will be riding on the escarpment in Varsity, probably for a long time.  That was the route I used yesterday and Thursday night.  There used to be some fun trails on the side hill just south of Waterfall Valley and even on the flood plain that will be missed, it was a good way to blow some steam off after work.

2) The first bit of flooding I encountered was at the southernmost tip of Home Road, near the old folks home, but I was able to ride on the top of the berm.  Things were OK through Edworthy all the way to Crowchild, so I darted over to Kensington and rode that to 10th street.  Very few cars.  Obviously the underpass was flooded,  I'm guessing that these may be the most problem until they get cleaned up.  And it seems like they just opened the one under 10th street!!

3) Most of Memorial had some bits of flooding here and there.

4) I had to ride up McHugh bluff to get on the center street bridge to get into downtown.

After I left downtown I picked my way through Sunnyside (kinda' weird to see X's on doors, I felt like I was in Ward 9 again) and headed west.  It took me a long time to get home, as I stopped and took a lot of pictures and talked with a lot of people.


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Believe it or Not - Bowmont Update

You can now ride through Bowmont on the MUP.  Expect a few puddles, a few stretches of mud and a few big sandbars, but I rode it today from Waterfall Valley to Home Road.  NoSheet!  There are some surreal & amazing views - places where the vegetation got caught up in the chain link fence near the old gravel pit -  4 feet off the ground (BTW that ground is probably 8 or 10 feet above the normal water level!).  Lots of debris in some areas near the paths, but none on the paths!  Crazy!  I checked some of the riverbanks where some of the fun dirt paths used to be close to the river and as you would expect, GONE!

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Bowmont dog park area

Rode here today too, including looking at the 85St bridge and the pedestrian bridge to that little unnamed (??) island... it had one huge tree balanced on top of the bridge, loads of debris, and half another big tree on its' span.  The km after km of chain link w/ vegetation was bizarre.  I was definitely in a state of shock riding through here.  ... and then there's the huge drop offs near the Maranatha (close enough spelling) near Home road.  MAJOR changes to the banks there as we know them.  The portion of Bowness  from the 16th Ave bridge to just beyond Edworthy was exceptionally fortunate given the devestation just upstream.  Another ~1 foot of water and hundreds more homes would have been flooded.

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Near the old Klippert Works

This is the biggest sandbar that formed over the pathway.  Thecity took it out this morning.  They also cleaned all the crap out of the fence as well.  The water was about a meter deep here, and the river is usually 6 or feet lower than the path here - WOW!






 photo bmf2_zpsd731c127.jpg photo BMF_zps1bde7d77.png

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Lindsay Park

Unsurprisingly, Lindsay Park is almost totally underwater. I saw someone Thursday night walking his bike along the Elbow path under Macleod waist deep in water, which seemed somewhat inadvisable.

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Fish Creek @ MacLeod

As of yesterday afternoon, the rec. path/bridge in Fish Creek Park parallel to the LRT line near MacLeod Trail & Golden Gate was submerged. This area was completely wiped out in 2005, and I'm hoping the replacement infrastructure holds up through this flood.

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Bridge Survived!

I crossed over this bridge this morning for my commute (I know, Fish Creek Park is officially closed, but it's the only way for me to get to work). The pathway and bridge have survived intact, though there's about 6" of mud on the pathway. 

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If you have to travel through

If you have to travel through restricted areas if the beltline and downtown and across the bow river: most road closures are due to signals being out and pedestrians and bikes can pass. This includes 10 st and centre st bridges.

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Fish Creek

Fish Creek Park is closed until further notice.  http://www.albertaparks.ca/fish-creek/advisories-public-safety/flooding.aspx  COs and police are asking people to leave the park, and assisting people with their departure where necessary.

Looks like some of the new bridges are holding up well against the onslaught.  The formerly meandering creek has become a straight shot through the park, and the valley bottom is generally flooded from Mcleod Tr to 37 St.  and likely on the east side of Mcleod as well.  

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Pathway / Bridge intact & passable!

I crossed over the bridge near Golden Gate / MacLeod Tr. this morning for my commute (I know, Fish Creek Park is officially closed, but it's the only way for me to get to work). The pathway and bridge have survived intact, though there's about 6" of mud on the pathway. 

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Fish Creek Park is now open

Fish Creek Park is now open, or at least it is at Marshall Springs and Bebo Grove entrance points.

Bridge number 3 is closed, but I couldn't get close enough to see if it was damaged or if it was just closed for standing water.  Bridge 4 is open, so it is possible to cross the park from Evergreen to Woodbine/Woodlands using Marshall Springs to Bridge 4 to Bebo Grove, or reverse (see map link below with bridge numbers).

But the main park pathway between Bebo Grove and Shannon Terrace is completely impassable. The creek moved about 75 feet and a major section of the pathway is completely gone.  I don't believe there is any viable detour within the park, you are looking at using the Bebo Grove and Shannon Terrace entry points to go up into Woodbine to get around the closure.

I updated the map here with that main pathway closure, Bridge 3 closure, and the route to cross the park using Bridge 4: http://goo.gl/maps/wWQpQ

I would be surprised if that main pathway closure is addressed this year - I think you are looking at some major planning and construction.


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More on Fish Creek Park

Kudos to the province for updating the Alberta Parks website with details on Fish Creek Park.  Some parts of the park are closed, others are open.  The details:  http://www.albertaparks.ca/fish-creek/advisories-public-safety/flooding-update.aspx

My summary:  

- Bridge 9 "closed, severly damaged."

- Bridge 14 (the big one over the Bow from McKenzie Lake to Deer Run) "closed, severly damaged"

- Bridge 3 "closed for repairs and clean up."

- "The following day use areas remain CLOSED to all public access (still heavily flooded, including washrooms, picnic areas, pathways & parking lots):  Mallard Point, Hull's Wood, Boat Launch, Lafarge Meadows, Rotary Nature Park."


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Crossing the Elbow

Given that every crossing of the Elbow is closed except the causeway, accessing DT from the south will be a challenge. I rode from near Chinook to Erlton today. All the Elbow pathways are obviously gone, Stanley Park is a lake.

My current plan is to go across on the south side of the causeway, through Lakeview to the overpass over Glenmore Tr, then through N Glenmore to River Park and downtown from there. Will be a bit longer, but it should work.

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crossing the elbow - is the glenmore dam pathway open?

When I do get to get back downtown to my closed office I will be doing the same thing. Funny how much I rely on the small foot bridges and now that they are gone....Is the dam pathway closed still now that the water has dropped in the resevoir? Anybody know, it would save me some time...

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Baker Park - Bowmont Park

Below are some photos I took from the Bearspaw Dam then along the Bow River Path from Baker Park to Bowmont Park. 

The pedestrian bridge under Stoney Trail is partially gone, so no way to cross from Bowmont Park to the north (and the 85th St bridge is gone, but it looks like the pedestrian bridge near the railway tracks survived and will be reachable once the flood water recede). Most of the low-lying pathways through Bowness Park, Baker Park and Bowmont Park are currently under fast-moving water, and hopefully will still be there once the water recedes, although I suspect it will take a long time before they are cleaned up and ridable again. Very sad.

More photos here: http://s1188.photobucket.com/user/DarrenBnYYC/slideshow/Bearspaw%20Dam%20to%20Bowmont%20Park%20-%20Flood%202013?sort=6


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Deep south

Carburn park is a lake as seen on news. Lafarge plant near DF/Anderson is flooded on W side of Bow River. East is surely flooded too but did not see it first hand.

Bow south of Anderson along Douglasdale is flooded over the new Enmax station and all the way to the driving range. River must be 4-5 times as wide as usual. As seen on news, this continues all the way S to 22X. At 22x McKenzie Meadows is around 90% under water, so Fish Creek is probably a no-go around there for weeks/months. Way worse than 2005 from what I can see.


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Down in Bowness

We were down along the pathway on the north side of the Bow accross from Bowness.  The water has come down substantially, but it is still flowing over the pathway under the CPR bridge.  I'm not certain if the pathway is even there still.  Where the water has dropped, the pathway is covered in silt and mud.  Further along, at 85th Street, I spoke to someone who had ridden through Baker Park from Stoney Trail, though there are still orange plastic barricades showing the trail as closed and it looked a bit wet and silty to me.  

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The pathway following Ogden Road is clear until you cross Bonnybrook Bridge, but the entire area including the water plant is underwater, including the path and most of Ogden Road. You can access Lynnwood and Ogden on 50th Ave, and the Canal pathway is open from that side- have not tried to get through the rest of the path to the canal along the golf course as the course itself is underwater -

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Nose Creek MUP

As one would expect, the McKnight and 32nd Ave Connector underpasses are both still underwater.  MUP is otherwise clear all the way to the Bow.  Guessing waist-deep or slightly less under the rail bridge there.  I back-tracked to 8th Ave, south on 19th, through the Firestone park past the (closed) C-Train pathway under Memorial, out to Barlow Trail, south on Barlow and down to Max Bell.  Didn't try going under Blackfoot / 17th - figured there were enough close alternatives to keep heading south on the east side that it didn't matter.

God help you if you have a mechanical though.  They'll find your lifeless corpse beside the pathway looking like a deflated, shrivelled up balloon.  Mozzies are intense now.


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just rode from Edworthy to downtown

North side from the park to Crowchild is fine.  Big chunk of the path is missing on Memorial right by the Scout's office/soccer field and is impassable so take the pedestrian bridge over Memorial.  South side from Crowchild to downtown is fine - underpass at 14th is open (watch for the big piece of a dumpster in the river!)  Both underpasses for 10th street are closed (north side still looks to be underwater).

Looks like we'll be taking some different routes for a while.

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10 St. underpasses

Both sides are under water. The Peace Bridge is closed until its structural integrity can be assessed. Eerie feeling downtown. So very empty.

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North side / South side of the river

Wow!  I thought the path on the south side of the river east of Crowchild would suffer a "remodelling," especially the low spots behind the car dealership.

Is the problem on the north side caused by a breach of the berm?

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The path is gone

I don't think there was a berm just east of Crowchild as the banks were naturally higher there already.

The problem is that the banks eroded quite severely on the north side just east of Crowchild.

They have shown airial footage of the path there and most of the path fell into the river, and whatever is left should not be trusted as stable so avoiding that section of the river bank completely is the best course of action.

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south pathway

Because of the missing section of path on the north side, I plan to use the south path, so can someone confirm if the path is open by the Pumphouse, or are you detouring to the other side of it?

Dionysis's picture

took this route this morning

And there is indeed a large section by the care dealership that has a couple of cm of mud.  I would suggest taking the Pumphouse detour.

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North side open

There's a detour that uses a lane of Memorial Drive at 19 St NW making the norht side open from Crowchild to 14 St and beyond. I should see if I can update RidetheCity map.

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Ogden Rd is still closed north of the Bonnybrook Bridge this morning (Monday, June 24) but was passable by bicycle, just watch out for mud on the road. I rode from 50 Av to Spiller Rd, saw several other cyclists. I wouldn't be surprised if the road is open sometime later today.

I had a look at the trestle under the CPR bridge from the WID canal side and it is still there! Path under the rail bridges is still flooded so I don't know its condition or if it even still exists.

WID Canal path is open and provides another alternative for cyclists. Cushing/17Av SE bridge over the Bow is also open again.

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I rode south on Tuesday night, and although one other rider had turned back from the Bonneybrook train bridge, I found it passable: there is a ton of mud and part of the path is missing, but by threading my way on the more-rinsed bits I kept the mud below by ankles. I am using a CX bike with 25C tires. There's some heavy walking + pushing including several sections north of there, but you can get through to the WID canal. As the water level drops, this will become easier, although there are definitely bits of pathway missing. The wooden bike-bridge directly north of the Bonneybrook train bridge is completely intact and ridable.

If there is rain, this will all change as some of the mud is quite deep. Note too the ongoing situation with the Bonneybrook train bridge partially collapsing with tanker cars -- please update after the area is open!

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I added a detour to the Bike Calgary Google Map http://goo.gl/maps/uaYgB
This detours avoids some of the mud and debris. You access it off of 4312 Ogden Road and follow the parking lot south to the river.

The wooden trestle is under the bridge north of the one that collapsed so it should not be affected by todays incident.

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bonnybrook update

Although the City still lists it as closed, this entire pathway is in great shape, considering. All the mud has been bulldozed off and the only remaining "obstacle" is immediately under the bonnybrook bridge, but a bunch of heavy equipment has been moved through and it's all packed dirt. You still have to lift your bike over a couple Jersey barriers, but totally ridable. (I came in from 9th + Bird Sanctuary area, didn't have a look north along the pathway, which was completely washed out from what I understand).

The east side of the river pathways immediately south of Glenmore are in worse shape, but a bunch of work has been done with chainsaws, shovels (looks home-grown, not City) etc. and this area is also pretty ridable, at least as far south as Riverbend area. There's even been some re-paved sections already. Great!

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Max Bell C-Train passageway open

C-train access under Memorial drive open as of this morning.  NO C-train operation, but we can get back and forth under Memorial again.

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Riding from Cranston?

Any one had any luck getting from the SE to work? I usually ride over 22X and then up past sikome onto Parkland ridge behind the Ranche - anyone tried these paths back there?

azhu's picture

heritage dr under glenmore tr closed

Thanks for update on ogden road bonneybrook plant.

Path and road still under water as of lunch time today. I would say about 0.3 m of water above path so there is no access to the ramp to cross glenmore trail.

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Graves Bridge

River is down considerably and the path, what is left of it, is exposed. There is about a 200 metre stretch of path that is destroyed with lots of debris. Ramp to/from the bridge is unaffected. Obviously this stretch of path is still closed, but it is possible to walk through the affected area with a bike to access the crossing over the Bow. Path south to Heritage Meadows Way is in good shape. South of Heritage Meadows Way, path is closed and covered with silt.

Rouleauville's picture


Rode it Wednesday night.  Paved pathway is covered in a fairly thin layer of dried mud, but riders who've taken it so far have left a single-track that's comfortably passable.  Should get even better as time progresses.  And the south half of the pathway is mostly clear.  Slight sinkage in paved path as you start to climb out of the weaselhead on the south side (where it's slumped before) - but only very slightly and well marked.

Don't know about the dirt trails in the weaselhead, looks like there's lots of standing water around.  Ponds where there were just minor swamps before.

Fuzz's picture

Sure was a nice feeling

Sure was a nice feeling leaving my building's parkade yesturday.  10 bikes in the rack ,only 2 cars.  :)

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My usual commute is from eau

My usual commute is from eau claire to 42nd ave in the SE entirely along the Bow. I haven't had a chance to survey that route yet but I'm assuming it's not passable. Could someone with familiarity with the pathways systems and available routes suggest an alternate route for me, if possible? Thanks in advance 

Richard Z's picture

Pathways west of the Elbow

Pathways west of the Elbow are impassable if not gone.  But you can go through Inglewood.  I assume 42 Ave in Bonnybrook -- a few days ago that was still under water.

UPDATE from BluHrGirl: Ogden Road is fine but covered in silt. Pathway is a jigsaw puzzle of asphalt under bridge. Drivers on Ogden overly tolerable

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Yes, this morning I made the

Yes, this morning I made the decision I would get a shovel and clear some of the mud starting to pack down around the Crowchild bridge area on the north side. It's really not too bad but will be nice to get rid of it. I also hope to just "show up" in Bowness with some ready made sandwiches. I am sure there will be some flood effected people ready to eat.

Dionysis's picture

well done Julie!

You are a great example of what makes this city great!  Thanks from all of us that ride along that path!

Julie Gregg's picture

well - after I did my supply

well - after I did my supply run over to Bowness I came back to grab my bike and shovel - off I went but the area I was thinking about was hard packed and dry so no need. I rode over the bridge to the south side thinking I would work on that bog area and lo and behold someone had been thru' with a bob cat. Funny part was I jokingly told another rider "I did that!!" Why else would I be riding around with a shovel in my hand.

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Ride in from Edworthy

Really quiet today.  No big issues.  I stayed on the North side of the path, after crowchild there's the pedestrian bridge..from there to 10th st memorilal is closed for cars going east as well as the path.   There were a few other bikes just riding along memorial for this stretch.  At 10th st intersection controlled by traffic cop. 

Julie Gregg's picture

There was a city work crew on

There was a city work crew on site at this section this morning, repairs already underway for that part of the pathway system.

Dionysis's picture


While the detour through the Westmount area is a nice change, I would like to get back to the familiar route along the river.  Of course with the extent of the damage, I figure it will be a while before the path is opened again.

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Canal pathway from SE?

Any idea on the status of the SE Canal paths? Once you get toward Ogden/Deerfoot area near Inglewood GC what would be the best way into downtown? 

FatGuyOnABike's picture

Canal is clear

Took 52 St from the Deep SE, got onto the canal system and took it straight to 17Ave SE bridge (you have to take the kind of crouched ride under deerfoot bridge) then across to 9ave SE.  Everything was clear and in great shape.  It did take me a little longer than usual but that's the price to pay to avoid riding with any heavy road traffic and washed out paths by the river.   

Traffic was basically non-existent  through 9Ave SE today as they are still not allowing access into downtown through Inglewood so made for a stress free ride on the road.  There was some slick mud on the 4 street underpass sidewalks to get over onto 10th ave which I'll probably try avoiding coming home and tomorrow.

pmontoya's picture

Shouldice Bridge

Greetings fellow bicycle commuters! Has anyone tried crossing Shouldice Bridge by bicycle - the road and bridge closures blog states that it's only open to transit. Thanks in advance and stay safe.

BowCycle's picture

Pedestrians and Cyclists

are allowed across. Just watch fro emergency vehicles. Hextall Bridge remains closed to all.

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Enmax @ Douglasdale

Taken from under DF trail. From what I could see, nothing exists anymore to the right side of this pic:


chaingunsofdoom's picture

Thursday update - canal path work

There was a crew working under the Canal and 52nd (see my 2 pics above from yesterday). If they start laying cement/ashphalt, you may need to use 94th Ave SE to go EB over to 98th Ave SE as a detour. There is an opening from 98th back onto the IC MUP around 500m Eastwards near 44th(?) St.

Dionysis's picture

10th Street bridge underpass - North side

Went by the Louisw Bridge/Memorial Drive intersection and the underpass was being cleaned by some city workers so looks like this route will be open again soon.

bike-run's picture

not yet

still barricaded this morning

Oggie's picture

Bonnybrook Update

Lots of equipment and workers around the damaged CP bridge this afternoon. Area is cordoned off and it is impossible to get north of the Bonnybrook Bridge or south of the wooden trestle. I imagine it will be awhile before this section is open to the public.

On a more positive note, a bocat was scaping mud/debris off the surviving path on the north side of the Bonnybrook Bridge.


CP bridge

Dionysis's picture

south side of the Bow between Edworthy and Crowchild

Decided to take a peek at the wooded area even though it was technically closed (barriers on south side of Edworthy and the gates are winter closed).  Large parts of the path from Edworthy to the second train track crossing by the slide area is chewed up from the large machinery that CP used to repair their tracks.  Most of the path from the second train track crossing to the middle of the wooded area (where the path widens for 20 or 30 meters) is gone. The small dirt "shortcut" paths are now covered in softball sized rocks or the soft, powdery remains of the river silt.

This area is going to need a lot of work before we can safely use it again so it looks like the north path will be a bit more crowded for a while.

bclark's picture

North Side Bow River Pathway

Sounds like the closed section of pathway between 19th and 14th Streets NW (north side) will be reopened this weekend.  Good news for anyone relying on this side...no more detours to the south side.

Seems like a quick turn around compared to some other pathway repairs I've seen, especially given all the other issues.

Dionysis's picture

good news everyone

Good thing they put that pedestrian overpass in several years ago!  And I figured that they had to get this one fixed quickly because of the closures they had to make on Memorial. City workers have been amazing!

bclark's picture

North Side Bow River Pathway - Not so Good News

I received an update on this section of pathway.  It seems further investigation indicated the concrete retaining wall supporting the pathway near 19th Street NW has been severely undercut and the overlying pathway is unstable as a result.  As such, there will be a delay in reopening the pathway.  The City is investigating detour alternatives.  Without having actually ridden the area, my suggestion would be to cut across to the south side pathway via 14th Street or the Crowchild Trail ped/bike bridge.  Staying on the north side, one could use Broadview Road NW, leaving the pathway at 14th Street NW or the ped/cycle bridge west of 19th Street NW, depending on direction of travel.  Again, just a couple thoughts.  

Hopefully the stability issue doesn't take long to address.

Dionysis's picture

thanks for the update

I don't mind doing the detour for a while longer in exchange for a good, solid path   Smile

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Rode the bird sanctuary SB

Rode the bird sanctuary SB last night. As was mentioned, you need to dirt-bike under the rail dangling bridge. Then I went over the Ogden bridge (gate SB is closed still).


Headed to Deerfoot Meadows and the paths are repaired on the West side of Glenmore, but they were still working near that car park area. Lots of garbage in that entire park area, including a huge garbage dumpster around 500m from the river. I did not drive into the Southland dog park as I have no idea how messy it is in there.


brodie's picture

Open but dusty

I rode through there today - the path between the canal intake and the rail bridge has been plowed, so mainly clear with dust and scattered piles of dirt; dry under the rail bridge.  From the canal intake through to 17th AVenue, there doesn't seem to be any change from pre-flood conditions.

The pathway along the river by the zoo is still closed (and they even have security people at both ends to enforce that) so (if headed west from Nose Creek) you need to go up through the zoo parking lot.  There is now a paved connector between the Nose Creek roadway and the parking lot, and the pathway along St. Georges Drive down to the Memeorial overpass is freshly paved and open again.

The pathway along the south side of the river, on the other hand, has rough spots - some pavement left, but mainly deep sand from the bridge over the little creek on towards the Harvie Passage viewpoint.  A sizeable portion of the river is now flowing down a channel on that side...


Dionysis's picture

thanks for the report

depending on the weather this weekend, I might try riding down to the bird sanctuary.

gyrospanner's picture

More Pic's from Bowmont Park

I took these last week, and finally got around to posting them.


The ped. bridge near the dog park.

 photo BMBRIJ_zps74eef5e6.jpg


Just East of Waterfall Valley.  Somebody will probably cut a new trail a little higher up, but it may be a wasted effort, as this area is kinda' "sluffy!"

 photo BMHILL1_zpsd2d947a3.jpg

 photo BMHILL2_zps12e58211.jpg

 photo BMHILL3_zpsdc0fa057.jpg


Rawhyde's picture

Bridge still out?

Have you been past this bridge again recently?  Just wondering if there has been any progress in cleaning-up this area.

Rawhyde's picture

Open, sort of

I rode home through the "closed" section. It's dry but sandy and looks completely alien.

Rawhyde's picture


Yes, its safe.  I had to ride around one downed tree but the sand bars left behind were a bigger challenge for my skinny tires.  You have to hop the gate by the larger bridge and you can ride around the gate by the small bridge. 

Fuzz's picture

zoo area?

Is the trail along Memorial going east, say from the Peace Bridge, past the zoo, then North along nose creek up to 40th fine?

brodie's picture

As of about noon today, the

As of about noon today, the north side Bow pathway is mainly open except for the Memorial washout near 19th.  Centre street underpass is closed, but easy to use the lights; 4th street underpass is flooded and looks to be washed out - again, use the lights.  5the avenue underpass gates are closed, but the pathway is dry and undamaged.  Zoo pathway is closed (and guarded) so need to ride up St. Georges to the zoo parking lot and then down to Nose Creek.  I came down Nose creek pathway last week - at that time, it was fully open except for construction at McKnight.

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Carburn park update - July 4

Heading into downtown from the deep SE. I rode under the yellow tape today, right-by a security guard in a car. Based on the dozens of other bike marks in the dust, others have been here earlier than today.


Anyway, it looks like they have been working clearing the mud/debris. The 'East' side over to Glenmore Trail bridge is still really muddy with around 1ft of water on the dip (right at the first pathway split). I chose the longer 'West' path around.


It was dryer going the long way around, but it was like I was 12 again on a BMX. :) Ashphalt humps, mud humps, sand from the park, etc. Go slow and there's no problem. Looked unaffected on the North side since it is a dozen feet higher than the river.

After hitting the main path to Glenmore Trail bridge, there are massive amounts of trees and debris, but a single-lane wobbles through the piles.

No workers anywhere pre-8AM, but they may be actively working here at various other times during the day so pay attention.

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Bonnybrook CP Yard - Tickets today?

A Tervita guy stopped me this morning entering from the south saying that the CP Police were ticketing bikes using their land. I said OK, thanks, and turned-around to take Odgen Rd and enjoyed the massive amounts of trucks as I rode for my life. Whether he was on the level or not, I have no idea. They have 2 huge Stampede cranes out for the sunken bridge, one on land and one on the tracks.

Oggie's picture

Calgary Police

It was Calgary Police handing out trespassing tickets on Monday morning, though I seriously doubt the charge would stand up in court. Calgary Parks was still showing the path as open on Monday morning. It wasn't until that afternoon that they updated the closure map on their website. Then you had CPR contractors telling cyclists coming from the south it was okay to go through the construction only to be ticketed by the cop parked at the wooden trestle. Sounds like entrapment to me.

You can read another cyclists account here:


chaingunsofdoom's picture

Bonnybrook again

Rode-by last night after 6:30pm (coming from 9th Ave) and while there were no police to be seen, an unmarked gray car appeared to be riding around the dirt/yard. So I walked-over to the Tervita security guard (on the old pathway) near the train/crane and talked to him. He told me to walk over under the bridge and that it was OK.

On that far side, there is now a sign saying 'report to Tervita office for access to worksite' which I guess means the guy in the car?

In any event, I pinged Gian-Carlo Carra on Twitter (I have the same handle as here) and we'll see if there's any update today.

I will avoid the area until I hear one way of the other.

flyfishagain's picture

Bonnybrook open or closed?

Still not sure if anyone knows, can a person get through on the bonnybrook bridge?  I saw a person this morning with a bike walking ont he wooden bridge, appears that he could get through.  I guess I will take a ride in that direction as I do not mind walking through if I have to.


chaingunsofdoom's picture

Bonnybrook Closed

I would avoid at all costs until further notice and avoid the $300 trespassing ticket. I have a update post under the main forum page.

FZ6S's picture


Any word on whether or not this part of the path is open yet?  I have been zipping through Ogden industrial as a detour and haven't had any problems, but really the detour is less than ideal.  In ?2010 (the last time the pathways were flooded out for a long time), the city put up a bunch of bike detour signs on the roads through there so at least drivers would be a bit more aware.  I haven't seen any signs up at all yet - it would be nice though....

Kaia's picture

i emailed the city today

i emailed the city today asking the same question and haven't received a response back yet.  Last time I checked, they've installed tall blue fences that you can't even sneak around if you tried.  You may want to try crossing 50th Ave. and taking the canal pathway to 17th Ave. if you don't mind huge bumps in the asphalt on the pathway.  To be honest, I actually prefer smelly, but newly paved Ogden Road over the windy and bumpy canal pathway.  I take Ogden Road in the morning and so far, driver's have been very courteous.  

Next's picture

I agree about Ogden Road,

I agree about Ogden Road, FINALLY after calling 311, talking to Aldermen, exchanging emails , etc  this eyesore, God forgotten , third world country piece of road paived but not completely.

I am in SE and pace of paths repair is slow, they fixed easy short sections but other damage repair is painfully slow for MY property taxes. I do not rent so I pay. Calling 311 is useless, that not affect any repairs.  


gp4000's picture

I can't believe

that on the section of Ogden Rd south of Millican Rd into Ogden proper (past the ball parks etc) they couldn't manage to add a half metre or so of new pavement on each side for a proper shoulder to ride on. It's even worse now than before because with the new asphalt there's actually a drop off to the gravel and crappy part of the roadway. At least before it was level and all you had to look out for were many, many potholes.

Next's picture



absolutely right ,now this narrow section of Ogden by sports feld is even more dangerous,

before you could easly escape on the gravel , now asphalt is so high.

I also cannot believe city would not come up with some wider sholder or narrow sidewalk,  

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Ogden road unsafe during high-traffic

Main reason: too narrow. Second reason: speed. The speed limit is 50 starting at NB 42nd Ave, correct? I rarely see anyone sticking to the speed limit.

As I've said before in other threads, I sidewalk it from 42nd NB to the bend and then use Bonnybrook Road up to 34th Ave, where I come back onto Ogden Rd for the ~1km of "vigorous exercise" aka "be quick and stay alive" section. I also always make sure to wear the most Neon colored shirt possible when going that way. :)

wilcode's picture

i go through part of this

i go through part of this area everyday and i've always avoided going on ogden road. once i come off the bonnybrook bridge i make a left and cut down 42nd ave and then cut up across ogden along 16th street. that'll take you to bonnybrook road and 34th without having to sidewalk it.


i can't speak to your 1km of vigorous exercise after rejoining ogden road, i cross ogden again and go up highfield blvd which is quite a wide street

jondub's picture


Does anyone know what the work being done on the North Bow MUP (pedestrian section) West of Crowchild is? Is it repairing flood damage or just re-surfacing, which is what it looks like? If it is is re-surfacing, I wonder why that has a higher priority than repairing the pathway on the other side of the river.

gyrospanner's picture

Here's what the City says

On the pathway closure webpage.

Shouldice Park to Crowchild Trail - July 30 to Nov 30 - the walking path along the river will be closed for construction. Please detour to the nearby bike path that will be multi-use during construction.


FOUR MONTHS !!! ???  This better be good.......


bclark's picture

Pathway Lifecycle Maintenence


They are resurfacing the pedestrian pathway along the river between Crowchild and Shouldice.  During this time we will all share the seasonal bicycle pathway.  Note that the shared-use section leading up to Crowchild Trail will be done at a later date.

As far as doing this as opposed to flood repairs, I might guess that they had already contracted out this specific job (assuming it is indeed contractors doing the work) prior to the flood.

gyrospanner's picture


I believe it is that company "ALSA," as I've seen a few of their trucks around the area lately.

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Carburn park update - August 7

The main south entrance was no longer taped-up when I rode-by this AM. Not sure when that opened? However, there is a barrier right near the split around the 'lake'. The left side is pretty much totally closed from what I could hear by heavy equipment. The right side must be having the silt removed still, hence the barrier. No one was working there at around 8AM today so I rode through without issue.

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Drove-by the Southland Ped bridge August 16

Bridge opening might be YMMV.

I rode-by the Southland Ped bridge on the morning of Friday August 16 and the blue fence was still in-place preventing access to the dog park from Riverbend...

fastlayne's picture

I rode across at Southland

I rode across at Southland this morning, business as usual.

On another note, it is looking like another 4 months wait for the CP bridge to be cleaned up.

Dionysis's picture

fencing on the pathway

Anyone know when the city will finish putting up the chain link fence that seperates the path from Memorial Drive right by the Girl Guide/Scout offices? It is a pain having that construction material taking up one lane and causing a bottleneck.

bike-run's picture

finally done

When I rode by this morning, the fence was complete, no more gaps, and the pathway isn't blocked by materials. I think there are a few barriers along the river edge, but not in the way.

Scott's picture


I see post above that the bridge across the river at Southland is up... problem is... everyone south of Southland on the south side of the Deerfoot are stranded. We cant pedal up to Southland and we have to ride all the way down to Marquis of Lorne. This sucks it. 

Scott's picture

and it gets better

Today I took this long route down to Marquis of Lorne and they are working on the bridge and have blocked the path. I now have to lift my bike over the barrier and ride literally on the painted line into oncoming traffic for a fair distance to get around this. Its deadly. 


I cant get across the deerfoot to get to Heritage fish creek bridge because path is washed out and cant get up Marquis... how the hell are people down here supposed to get anywhere? Christ its annoying. Bloody engineers/developers or whatever they are have no idea I bet. Annoying.

LordDelCasa's picture

22x Upgrades

Does anyone know if this is resolved yet? I was worried about this a couple weeks ago it seemed like they were removing bike access across 22x. Which would leave us with no where to cross except for the bridge at Sue Higgins Park (Southland) and Heritage Drive. 

I hope this is resolved this evening :S 

chaingunsofdoom's picture


22X is a big construction zone from MacLeod all the way East to 52nd. Last time I drove by in the car heading East on the weekend, the South sidewalk said "cyclists dismount", so it looks like there is still some way across the river... ?

LordDelCasa's picture

22x Crossing

I figured out how to cross 22x. It is a bit asinine. 

Going West down the big hill by the Mckenzie Golf Course, you reach the bottom of the hill, you cross through a small fenced off opening, (this is where you would of originally turned left and gone south and rode up to 22x bridge), now you keep going west, right to the destructed pathway, to the mud and rocks, and low and behold there is a "detour sign" there. You ride onto the MUP under the 22x bridge, and there is a new paved pathway, to the south side of 22x, you ride that, and loop around back to bow bottom trail....Done!

The thing I don't get is that, you have to ride/walk into dangerous territory to find the detour sign, hopefully this is only temporary.

Richard Z's picture

Elbow River pathway open (more or less) Fort Calgary to 25 Ave

Elbow River pathway is more or less passable from the Bow to 24 Ave. To get to 25 Ave you have to go around the block along 24 Ave and Erlton St. Pathway next to Stampede (east of MacLeod underpass to the pathway up to Spiller Rd/25 Ave) is still closed -- detour along 25 Ave between Spiller Rd and the Stampede Grounds/Erlton C-Train parking lot. Underpasses are open, RiverWalk along FortCalgary is open, except for a detour aroudn the SimmonsBuilding -- but no need to detour along 9 Ave anymore.

jwintersinger's picture

Good news regarding Ogden bridge

I have good news regarding the Ogden railroad bridge underpass. I got fed up with seeing so little progress in the nine weeks post-collapse, and so e-mailed CP's "community connect" contact. Today, I was told the following:


Thank you for your inquiry.  CP has been working with the City of Calgary to build a temporary path under the bridge for the duration of the bridge project.  This temporary route should be opened to pathway users in the next few days.
chaingunsofdoom's picture


Really did not expect anything until 2014. Nice.

chaingunsofdoom's picture


Not sure if it is ready yet?

Looked at it this morning and there was a barrier arm down with 5 guys standing there. I didn't even talk to them, I just did a u-turn and went down Ogden Rd downtown.

Kaia's picture

It was open this morning and

It was open this morning and I was able to ride through on the paved pathway. On the way home after work I encountered 3 guys standing around while the one guy opened the barrier for us. From time to time they may have to close it off momentarily.

chaingunsofdoom's picture

Took it this AM

Gate Arm was up and workers waved me through today. Way better than using the road!

LordDelCasa's picture

West Fish Creek

Does anyone know if the West Fish Creek pathway closure has a detour other than going through Woodbine & Bebo Grove? (not the bridge closure, the one where the pathway had sheared off)

I had seen a few mountain bikers going around the gate into an area and back by the other gate, just wondering if this is official, or go at your own risk?


fliprider's picture

you go through the woods,

you go through the woods, walk or ride it, totally safe, no armor and full face helmet needed.

LordDelCasa's picture

Illegal? Bad Form?

I assume there is a decent dirt path pounded in now as ppl are bypassing the gates to get around. I'll give it a go. Thanks. 

Bike Calgary's picture

Pathways Message from City of Calgary Parks

Dear member of the cycling community,

The City of Calgary Parks would like your assistance in communicating the progress of repairs to our flood damaged pathways and the status of closures impacted by the June 2013 flood. We are reaching out to pathway users and with your help, spreading the word to cyclists.
We are pleased to announce that a key connection into the downtown core from the south has been re-established. A temporary paved pathway under the Bonnybrook/Alyth Bridge has been constructed and cyclists are now able to access this route.
At the height of the flood 93 km of pathway segments were initially closed, and despite significant progress in restoring many critical linkages, the more challenging 36 km with damaged sections still remain:

*         Some sections of pathway have broken away and reconstruction of river banks is necessary, The City must fulfill environmental requirements before completing restoration work. The approval of several regulatory bodies must first be obtained to perform work in and around waterways;

*         The City must protect fish habitat from the potential impacts of construction. Accordingly, in-stream work in the Bow and Elbow Rivers can only be performed during two short "fish windows" that occur in April and from July to September;

*         The City may not own the land where damaged pathways are located, requiring The City to negotiate an agreement with the landowner prior to rebuilding the path.
It isn't yet fully known how long it will take to repair all of flood-damaged pathways, but The City is working to minimize inconveniences as much as possible while respecting environmental and landowner concerns.
For safety reasons, we ask citizens to obey all closure signs, and to leave signs in place so that all pathway users can identify areas dangerous to enter. For more information on pathway repairs<http://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Parks/Pages/Pathways/Restoring-damaged-pathways.aspx> and closure maps<http://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Parks/Pages/Flood-closures.aspx>, please visit Calgary.ca/parks. Questions can be referred to 311.


The City of Calgary Parks

brodie's picture

Stoney Trail NW MUP bridge

The MUP bridge across the Bow under Stoney Trail is open again, to/from the switchbacks up to Valley Ridge.  No (bike) route through Bowness Park though.

jwintersinger's picture

SE pathway/bridges restoration

I just spoke to a gentleman with the City who is managing restoration of the Sue Higgins bridge, and who had extensive knowledge regarding other pathway repairs in the southeast. I didn't catch his full name or position, but I believe his first name was Don. He told me the following:

  • The Higgins bridge repair is proceeding, with the City having just hired a contractor to do the work. The bridge itself was not damaged -- only the transfers on either end were washed out. They plan to install better-designed transfers more likely to withstand flooding in the future. Current timelines have the work starting in the second or third week of April, and finished by June 30.
  • The bridge crossing the Bow by McKenzie Lake will be restored at some point. That project is being handled by the province rather than the City.
  • The pathway on the west side of the Bow by Lafarge will also be restored, but it will take considerably more time. The land on which the pathway lay is not owned by the City, which complicates matters. The land has apparently changed hands, such that it's now owned by a party other than Lafarge. The new owner is perhaps willing to let the City rebuild the pathway on what land remains; otherwise, the City will have to restore land to rebuild the river bank, which would be extremely costly and time-consuming, and push completion of the project well into 2015. The City may, however, be able to open a temporary pathway on the still-intact land, which might be available this fall.