Infrastructure Task Force

Mission Statement: Monitor and evaluate Calgary’s existing and planned cycling infrastructure against the mobility needs of cyclists, with an objective of identifying and achieving a cohesive City-wide cycling network accessible to all Calgarians year-round.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Understand cycling infrastructure "best-practices" through relevant documents, guidelines, reports, etc and/or through through attendance at seminars, courses, etc.

  • Monitor for and disseminate information on planned infrastructure projects that may have direct, or indirect, impact on the cycling environment

  • Evaluate and prepare feedback on new cycling-related infrastructure projects through;

    • Review of available project information

    • Attendance at project open-houses

    • Gathering feedback from Bike Calgary members and other stakeholders

    • Collating concerns and submitting feedback to project management

  • Evaluate and prepare feedback on existing cycling-related infrastructure projects through;

    • Visiting sites to gain first-hand perspective

    • Administering and summarizing results of "Infrastructure Audit"

    • Gathering feedback from Bike Calgary members and other stakeholders

    • Engaging City Administration to mitigate critical deficiencies


  • Improve open source map (“OSM”) data for bicycle routing through Ride the City

  • Formalize a position/guideline for bicycle infrastructure development in Calgary